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    Since the ordeal with my band saw, I've been observing comments from all angles. I know Ridgid see's what it wants to see posted within this forum.

    There has been more and more complaints about the customer service change. Before the conversion and introduction of the new product line, it was a simple phone call and a 3 to 5 day turn around for warranty parts. It was a 3 to 5 day turn around for internet or phone orders on parts and accessories.

    Today, it seams to be you have to find a service center somewhere in the country that will even return your phone calls. Turn around for warranty parts is months. And parts and accessory orders are difficult IF they are available.

    And Moderators here are playing customer service and parts distribution. A good thing for the individual, but a bad thing for what it's showing for the new improved and faster way as it was posted.

    Some time ago, one of the moderators posted that the new customer service would improve turn around time. I may take time to look that post up later and edit the link into this post.

    Personally, I would have continued to purchase Ridgid tools, expanding into the new line. As of right now, because of the difficulty in this area, I can not give any item by Ridgid any concern when purchasing.

    If this is one time Ridgid see's what it wants to see on this forum, this should be it. The old customer service needs to return, the fast turn arounds, hastle free and friendly reps directly from Ridgid and the fast parts availability and turn around.

    As a side note, any outlet that sells machines I have ever been in also sold accessories to the machines they sold. It would make sense to me that HD should readily carry the line of accessories if it is going to be so difficult to order them online or by phone.

    Anyone agreeing with these statements pertaining to the return of the old customer service and parts availability, please post your reply stating so. Maybe Ridgid will see what their customers REALLY want, and take action as they have done in releasing the new product line which many have been listed under the "Give us your tool idea's" section.
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    I agree with UO_Woody. I have posted elsewhere about the changes I saw with the customer service after the conversion to TTI's customer service and my desire to see it return to its previous incarnation. I have also, like UO_Woody, been watching to see what would happen in this area due to the promises by the RIDGID personnel on the site saying to give it time and it would return.

    I haven't seen it return though. While I will say that it is better now that it was just a few months ago, it is still nowhere near the level of service provided before TTI entered the equation. Service after the sale is more important than anything else in the scheme of things. I can live with making my own fences or buying aftermarket accessorires, don't like it but can accept it in a short-term situation. I can't accept having to have items repaired by third-parties because I know that I won't get service when I use TTI.

    The accessories are an are of the market that RIDGID is really missing out on. Woodworkers are worse than tricked out car owners. They want every accessory and will continue adding those accessories that add bot value and practicality to their equipment on a regular basis. Just look at the thriving business being done by Rockler, Biesmeyer, and others who are providing quality accessories to either replace lower-grade original equipment or to serve as the accessory that should have been available to the consumer from the manufacturer of the product.

    I hope that someone who can affect this listens to UO_Woody and the others here.

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      Here's my guess of what's going on in customer service. (I've gone through a few transitions like Ridgid is now) They blew it! They never expected CS to fall as fast or as far as it did. Maybe the original customer service network employees quit trying when their jobs were changing or drying up. Nothing like an uncertain future to stop the wheels from turning. (Ever happen on your job?) Or, perhaps the CS management put together a lousy plan for transition.

      But, no company intends to have service so poor it drives away customers. The may decide to have Only satisfactory service. Not to be confused with every customer satisfied.
      Or, They may shoot for outstanding CS. We don't know yet, it's mostly a statistical decicion based on dimminishing returns.
      What is obvious to many on these boards is that the trend has reversed and is now upward. I expect at least an adequate CS record will be the outcome.
      There will always be horror stories on forums like these but I think Ridgid CS will peak above where it is now in a relatively short time. (Several weeks not several months)

      Ultimately though, a few will still feel cheated, and report their outrage on these pages, (as they should). Never has any company made all their customers happy. (Some folks just aren't happy to begin with, even B/4 they bought your product.


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        I do not expect the old Ridgid customer service to return. I have a business / sales background and My best guess is the reason that Emerson got out of the tool business was because they weren't making enough money selling / servicing their products. Kept hand tools because they are more profitable and less service requiring.

        They let RYOBI use their tool name b/c RYOBI has a lower quality product and wanted to charge premium prices for some of their products. RYOBI or whoever is running the ridgid marketing / sales / service end is probably paying a royalty to Emmerson ( benefit to emmerson ) and even though they're losing customers they are also buying a list of consumers loyal to ridgid ( benefit to RYOBI ). It's a win / win for both businesses.

        For the customer... I don't see it. But I do not have a crystal ball. They may turn around the situation, but my gut says they won't. B/c I never heard anything about RYOBI having great CS. They sell a cheap disposable tool. Thats the company they are. That's their core competency. Thats what you're gonna see going forward. Even if they want to change, they don't necessarily have the infrastructure / knowledge to deliver what the Ridgid consumers have learned to expect from RIDGID.

        Just a thought



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          I was so excited at all the Ridgid tools at the new local Home Depot - I braved my wife's 'black cloud' and bought a Herc-U-Lift on the spot. That scoots my Craftsman table saw around nicely like my BS1400 does.


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            I have had good response from Ryobi and yes the make SOME disposable tools but have you seen the Delta tools in the low end. Does that make the unisaw a disposable tool? It is about marketing to a niche and the consumer has to be informed and look at various things that are important to them. Brand loyalty is not the end all and things change. I think DeWalt makes great plunge routers for example but their cordless tools and drills are not as good as Milwaulkee now, but the Milwaulkee angle grinder got poor reviews in Tools of the Trade. There was a time when B&D hole shooter drills were the best. There has to be research if you want to make the best choice for what is important for the purchase. Buyer beware. I looked at a Ridgid 12"CSMS that was very different in built quality than the one I saw several months ago. I could find no defects like on the first one I looked at. If I had not bought a Makita LS1013 in the summer I would have tried the Ridgid, but I would open the box in the store and check it out first since quality control seems to be an issue for Ryobi/Ridgid now.


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              --snip--(from Woody's original post)
              As a side note, any outlet that sells machines I have ever been in also sold accessories to the machines they sold. It would make sense to me that HD should readily carry the line of accessories if it is going to be so difficult to order them online or by phone.

              I agree with all that you said in your post Woody, but especially the above comment about availability of accessories. I made my disatisfaction on the availability of accessories, the poor support on parts and warranty issues known to Ridgid, HD, OWT, Emerson, and TTI (OWT's parent company) last week. What caused me to do this was my over three month wait for a replacement for a defective part on my MS-UV.

              I will add that the MS-UV is I think the best of any miter saw stand out there. I looked for a long time and tried out quite a few of them before going with the Ridgid MS-UV, it wins hands down. Great portability, good work support, and sturdily built. It handles my DW708 without a problem, I just need that one stinking bad knob replaced and it will be 100%, w/o the knob I can't lock down one of the extensions, and this causes it to not be as sturdy as it should be which can lead to ruined work pieces and possible safety hazard. So to be safe I don't use the right work extension, only the left side until I get the replacement knob.