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    Can someone give an honest evaluation of how well sawdust collection systems work. I'm trying to compare units (Ridgid DC2000, Craftsman, Shopsmith DC3300) and can't find anyone who has actually used or demonstrated the units. Ridgid and Craftsman appear similiar (looking at stats). The Shopsmith unit claims to be able to filter the air in the shop after the production is done by removing the hoses and letting it run. Could be why it costs about double the others.
    Do wet/dry vacs provide an option? Both Ridgid and Sears show pictures of wet/dry vacs attached to dust collection duct work. Are these just an inexpensive substitute, or a legitimate answer?
    Must a sawdust collector and a air filtration unit be combined to provide the best solution, or is that overkill?
    I have a basement shop that measures 25' x 12'. With the typical woodworking tools, tablesaw, jointer, drill press, bandsaw, router, etc.. Some real life experiences would help to determine if these systems actually provide any benefit, or if the cash should be used to buy more tools.

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    I dont know of anyone who tested the Ridgid or Crapsman. The March 2002 Wood mag has a comparison on 9 different dust collection systems for under $300. They gave the delta 50-850($300) & Grizzly g1028z($240) the best overall. Also shop vacs are extremely loud.


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      This is just my experience, so take it for what it is worth. I run a 1100CFM DC for my big tools and a shop vac for small tools. My experience is that the shop vac just can not keep up with large tools such as Jointers, and planers, and the DC is overkill for small handheld tools such as sanders. A DC is also much quieter than a shopvac, so that is an added bonus. As far as the air filter, I use one that I made myself with a big furnace fan and .1 micron furnace filters. With using the DC and the filter, I have very little dust left over to clean up. Keep in mind there are alot of people to have had to quit woodworking because of prolonged exposure to sawdust. So the more you can do to control it the better. One last thought, the Ridgid, Craftsman and Shopsmith units are all fairly small units, they may not work real well, if you connect them up to large amounts of ducting. Just my $.02
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