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  • rod bending

    Need to make a 2 3/4" radius bend in 1/4" stainless steel rod, need to be able to replicate it over and over consistently, any ideas on type of bender that can be used or other way to do it wouldbe appreciated.

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    Benchtop or vise-mounted tube/rod benders are available from Parker Fluid Division (Parker Hannifin), but they're not cheap. You'll spend a few hundred dollars if you buy a good bender, but if you're doing large quantities, it would probably be worth it. You could try to construct your own vice-mounted mandrel or "shoe"- are you bending 90 degrees? More/less? How long are the tangent sections? If fairly long, and you can get good good leverage, you might be successful without a real bender. If you can get your hands an a Greenlee couduit bender, that would work, too. Who do you know in the electrical/plumbing buisiness? They're the ones who might have equipment that would work for you.

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