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  • RIDGID Printed Catalog

    Has anyone ever received one of these thing? Do they exist? I just signed up for one for the umpteenth time and have yet to receive one. My requests for one of these catalogs goes back as far as 2002. I know that they are available to download but I don't want to do that and shouldn't be expected too when they offer to send out a printed catalog. How bout it, is there really such a catalog? I don't think there is!
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    I've never seen a complete paper catalog either. There's a paper (newsprint) handout that's been in the stores for a few weeks now, but it doesn't even have the entire power tool line. On a related note, I visited the Woodstock International website yesterday, because I wanted to check-out the Shop Fox mortising machine. The website said to call the 800 number to get a catalog, but when I called, I was told that they don't send out catalogs anymore! Really professional, huh?


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      Well after many many request for a copy of the RIDGID Woodworking Tools catalog, I finally received a RIDGID "catalog" in the mail today. With eager anticipation, I ripped the envelope apart and pulled out a brand spankin new copy of the RIDGID Professional Tools flyer. Pipe wrenches, threading machines, drain cleaners, tube benders and the list goes on and on but not a single table saw, drill press or drill/driver to be found. Oh well, I'll keep trying, maybe they'll get it right one of these times.
      Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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        You have gotten more for your request than I have. Nothing. I suppose a plumbing tool catalog would not mean much more than that to me, though, as I have not much interest in that type of tool.


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          Just received my 2003-2004 Ridgid calander yesterday. Requested it in November. Not a single woodworking tool on it, but the pin-ups sure are purty!
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            Badger Dave,

            I just checked with our catalog fullfillment. We recieved your power tools catalog request on the 14th of feb and they sent out a power tools catalog to you on the 16th of feb. I dont know if it got lost along the way or what. But we did send one to you. And I had them resend you the catalog just in case. Also... the power tools catalog at this point is more of a 2 page foldout not a big drawn out book. Thats what we have for right now.


            I cant find your request in the last 3 months. Do you remember when you sent it?



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              Thanks Josh, I appreciate that. FWIW, I think something is wrong with the catalog request software. I've gone through the process too many times with no results for it to be working correctly. On numerous occasions I would get a message telling me that my email address was incorrect when I knew it wasn't. On those occasions, the only recourse I had was to back out of the request page. The next time I would go through the request form it would accept all my information and appear to also accept my request although it appearantly didn't.

              ps: Nice to see someone from RIDGID stopping by at least once in awhile.
              Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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                Josh, I requested it the day I signed up as a member, which may have been more than 3 months ago. Around then, anyway.

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