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    I've been a member of this board for well over a year. In that time, I have been helped an untold number of times by various other members. Unfortunately, in the past few months this board has become filled with individuals who are much more interested in slamming long term members and the product, or are overly concerned with their "member ratings." I, for one, am no longer interesrted in this type of bull. This is my final post. If or when you children decide to grow up, let me know. Maybe I'll be back then. To the moderators, I realize that this is not your full time jobs and that you are stuck between a rock and a hard spot. To everyone who has helped me, thank you. Perhaps I'll see you on another board.

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    Bill is outa here, but for anyone else who feels the same way here is a suggestion:

    put the offending party on your "ignore" list.

    or, simply manually ignore them. if you know someone is just trolling for attention, realize they are missing something from their life and feel the need to degrade others.

    it's only a tool message board, don't sweat it.

    i had a life changing event happen to a close friend of mine. it really put things in perspective. i have regrouped my thoughts and priortized what is important and what is not. My son, my wife, my job (to support them), and my family are important.

    The Ridgid forum falls in my "entertainment" catagory. Same as a movie. If a part of a movie is anti gun (i'm an avid sportsman), i don't run to Blockbuster and slam the movie down and tell them i'm never coming back. I accept that it is someones opinion and let it roll off my back. After all, when the movie is over, i still have my son, wife and job.

    Don't sweat the small stuff.



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      Sorry to see you go. And I'm sorry you feel like we are doing a poor job moderating. It has been our attempt to allow opinions both positive and negative on this board. We didn’t intend this forum to be somewhere that the RIDGID product line is praised by each and every member. Yes it stinks that people who have never used a Ridgid Power Tool slam the product line. We do try to keep a close eye on the "information" being posted on these boards by new members. And yes sometimes the information is false but current members are usually the first ones to challenge the statements. I don't feel that it would be taken well if we were to throw out every new member on their first stupid post. And for the most part the majority of new members are posting within the posting rules agreed to when they signed up.

      So in the future. Please.. if you feel a post is out of line or something that needs to be taken care of please hit the "Report Post" icon at the bottom of the thread. It will notify us directly and we can evaluate if action needs to be taken. Leaving the forum and complaining about how we do our job really doesn’t help us out much.



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        I don't think you are doing poor job moderating. It is probably better to err on the side of letting some nonsense go on than to censor it.
        However this board seems to(my perception, this may not be true) have less good posts than when I joined.
        Thanks for your efforts,


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          I feel your frustration, the subject matter and quality of posts here have suffered dramatically in the last few months. I can’t blame you for joining the mass exodus, I’m quite confident you will not be the last to follow the many that have preceded you in tiring of the bickering that has become the norm here. Hopefully before it’s too late, the select new crowd will tire of their bashing and this site can revert to being an informative site for woodworkers and you and the others will return.

          Hope to hear from you in the future


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            I found this site soon after my purchase of my first Ridgid tool in late September. I was surprised by the amount of information and helpfulness of the members. I spent hours reading the posts and checked in daily. I too have noticed that the quality of the site has gone down hill. There are still some good stuff here concerning tool usage, care and set up. However, the amount of crap is getting overwhelming. I think that this will soon go away and you smart guys can get back to helping the less fortunate like me.
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              I have been around awhile when Ridgid was # 1 in cs. I think it has gone more to the cs problems. I like my Ridgid tools and hang around waiting to see if the Ridgid cs is going to improve as promised. I sure hope so. Although I have had no need for cs at this point.

              PS I sure miss Jake, that was the good ole days.

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