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Manuals or ANY info on all rigid tools

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  • Manuals or ANY info on all rigid tools

    Hello all!!

    Im currently in trade school as a sprinkler apprentice, in my 2nd year. The class has a project to come up with information on Ridgid tools, I was select to come up with information on the Ridgid 141 Geared Threader with Universal Driveshaft. Now I got some good info on the Ridgid site on both the 141 and universal driveshaft, I want to do it a bit better and gather any information that can be passed on so that I can pass it on to my classmates to make us more informed on the many tools used in the sprinkler trade. So if anyone has any manuals or books they would like to pass on, give me a shout. In the long run I figure this will help us and others after us become better fitters in the future.

    Thanks Again
    2nd Year Apprentice

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    Apprentice, you should post this question in the general plumbing forum. Mainly woodworkers in this one. The plumbers will be able to give you a lot more insight into this threader. Good luck