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ts 2424 blade retracting

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  • ts 2424 blade retracting

    i knowtice that my blade will not go down all the way down... no matter how hard i crank down it stays up about 1/16". i have cleaned out everthing with a air blower and still the same there a stop that i can adjust ...


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    The blade should definitely be able to be dropped below the level of the table top.

    If this condition has existed since your saw was assembled, I'd be inclined to suspect either an assembly error or a manufacturing defect.

    If the condition has "grown" with use, then I'd be fairly certain that you have crud in the rack that you haven't found yet. Note that cleaning out a table saw with compressed air isn't going to get the real gunk, which tends to get juiced up. You have to get in their with some wooden picks -- I use the skewer things that my wife buys in the supermarket for making shishkabobs -- to get it out.