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    Im glad it worked out and Im glad you read the directions Some people are more able than others.

    Is the water heater properly supported. Will it fall over in the rain or wind? Is it grounded? Does the vent terminate near a window if its a gas heater? If its a gas heater and its outside will the wind blow out the pilot? Lots of things can go wrong.


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      Earthquake strapping keeps it supported. It is some new kind of design heater where it would take a disaster to blow out the pilot. Venting is to the roof of the house.
      You bring up an interesting point. A relative of mine had a water heater installed in a vacation home by a pro plumber, licensed and all. It was in the basement. I went there to stay and no hot water. Went down to check the heater, the pilot was out. THe plumber did not install the shield that keeps wind from blowing out the pilot. It was also not secured from falling. He said the shield did not come with the heater. I contacted the manufacturer to get a shield , they said they no longer make the heater since it is a problematic model. He charged $600 for the heater and install. He probably got the heater on closeout for a good price. Pro or not, he is incompetent or a thief.
      Thanks for the tips Heaterman.


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        Where I live we dont put water heaters outside because they will freeze solid in the winter and we dont have to support them from falling I lose alot of jobs to people that under bid me but like I tell the people you get what you pay for. People will use someone else to save 20 bucks and not care that they will never see them again untill something goes wrong. If a contractor has been in business for 20-30 years there is a reason. The extra money you may pay is probably because he actually has insurance and will honor his work. I love going back to a house I gave prices on, to fix problems someone else created because I will have no mercy on them and can still sleep at night