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  • BrandMan -- Marketing SNAFU In Progress


    I've been too busy to try and collect information to prove to management at my local HD who manufactures Ridgid tools now. My local HD is normally an awesome store. Always there to rapidly help the customer and see to the customer's satisfaction. But the tool guys there are under the misguided belief that Ryobi bought out Ridgid and makes the Ridgid tools. I have witnessed the undesired effect that this has on professionals and serious hobbyists (tools rapidly placed back on shelves).

    At your next "State of the Tools" meeting, you might want to pass along the importance of getting the full story out to the HD sales force about Ridgid's new business arrangements. Also, you need to get more details out on what is inside the tools. The people that will want to buy these tools know enough about them to know when you tell them something great and specific about how the tools are made inside.

    I overheard a construction worker complaining to someone with him about how he hasn't found a good hammer-drill at a decent price. He was saying how he tore up a DeWalt in no time and opened it up to find the same motor that is put in a B&D. I spoke up and said I wasn't surprised since DeWalt is owned by B&D. I then told him about what (little) I had read about the Ridgid 1/2" hammer/pulse drill and thought that he might look into that and consider trying it. But, I don't know for sure how much of the good stuff that is in the Metabo counterpart actually is in the Ridgid version. We need DETAILS! The salesforce in the HD stores need education!

    I would also strongly consider pushing for a safe area to be set up that will allow the real tools guys to get some hands on play with the new tools so that they can see for themselves before buying just how good they are. I think that, more than anything, will get the tools flying off the shelves quicker.


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