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  • 103 midget cutter

    Those of you using the RIDGID 103 cutter, what size tubing are you using it on? What type (K, L, M, ACR?)
    Matt Ondrejko<BR>Hand Tools Product Manager<BR>Ridge Tool Company

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    Usually I use my 103 cutter on 1/2" and 3/4" copper, K, L, and M. Though it works well, I prefer to use the 101 because it has a bigger tightening wheel. If I can't fit the 101 in place, I use the 103. The most frequent use I have for any of my mini-cutters is to hold back the insulation on refrideration lines, and all of them work well for that. The only problem I really have with the 103 is that when my hands are wet or I get flux on them, it's difficult to turn the tightening wheel. To solve this, I cut grooves into it with a hacksaw. Going between the grooves that are already there on the tool, I made every 4th groove slightly deeper. This improved my grip greatly and maybe it should be included into the manufacturing of the tool.
    Marcus Rinaldi<BR>Service Tech<BR>F&W Heating & Cooling