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  • extraction tool

    I just had a customer asking if I have any Ridgid tool that could extract a 6 inches pipe embedded in the soil. Guys, for a second I thought he was kidding, but he is not... He was mentioning some tool that sounds like a pipe elevator clamps, whatever that is.... If Ridgid could practically do anything with a pipe, but an extraction??? Whew!

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    I'm not sure what your customer is thinking of. We don't carry anything that will extract pipe that large. The only thing even close is our 228 Soil Pipe Assembly Tool, but that is just meant for the assembly of soil pipe. Not sure what to tell you on this one.



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      How about a length of sturdy chain hooked up to the back of a dump truck?


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        I do alot of form work and we have a tool called a "stake puller". It is just that. We attach it to 2 x 4 stakes we have driven in the ground and push down on the lever and up comes the stake....usually with some effort but it works I'm sure it can be altered to pull pipes


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          You need to use a come-along with the support being a tripod with a very sturdy base set on top of the ground. Last time we wanted to pull up metal fence posts of old, we used this setup....three 2x4's set in a triangle with plywood "feet" and a come-along to ratchet it up out of the ground...worked great!
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