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    Again not trying to turn this board into Ebay but this is too good to pass up.

    Anyone here that prefers arkansas natural stones for sharpening their wood working tools and such, i ran across this gentlemen, and he is very knowledgable, prices are more than fair and he can get any custom size cut.

    His name is John

    His email address is....

    Great guy with a great product at a great price.

    Again no intention of turning this into ebay but honest folks are hard to find, and this guy is the best!


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    We can call this Just teasing. LOL
    info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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      LOL. Yeah. a month or so ago i posted in this very forum chipbreakers free to good home. They were actually a lot more popular than i would have thought, but many of you contacted me and i was glad to get them to good use.

      For all of you that asked for them i assume everyone got them.

      A lot of good people on this board, a lot of people here willing to share not only their knowledge and experience but also their service.

      When I come across something that might help someone on this board, especially since i am still a novice /borderline intermediate woodworker I can offer very little in experience (unless it is a mistake i have made before), I like to post it/contribute as much as possible. I began to get discouraged with my chisels as they did not seem to want to hold an edge. The first mistake i made is that i put them to work right out of the box. And second, managed to gouge a few of them up pretty good. All i had was a norton combo stone and norton oil to sharpen them with, (oh yeah and a somax no 22 vise type jig.) I was doing a lot of things wrong and started to do some research. I did an Ebay search and found an auction for a "soft arkansas natural stone" and the description said it cut a quick fine edge. price was right so i thought what the hell.

      I also picked up the veritas jig set and when my stone arrived i went to town. Well it took a while but it did cut a nice sharp edge.
      The next one i needed to sharpen required a signifigant bevel angle change. Well it does not cut that quick. So i Still have a combo aluminum oxide stone for those quick bevel changes. (also have the bench grinder and jig but not set up uet) once the bevel was set, this soft arkansas cut a nice polished edge in no time. I went on to order a surgical and a hard black. I have the surgical. the hard black (and another soft custom cut) longer so the jigs have room to work.

      Cant wait to get them.

      Still worrking and learning. A cold chicago winter and 2 herniated discs prevent any real work in the shop (garage), so i figured i would study and practice sharpening my tools. getting my chisels good and sharp, and my planes found at flea markets/garage sales cleaned up and sharpened as well.

      I have a craftsman 1/2" chisel in the jig right now, changed the bevel to 30 degrees and got a nice even shiny blade from the soft. back is flat it has not touched the surgical or black yet, and this dull nicked chisel of a few weeks ago, in just a couple of days managed to cut my finger pretty good. And it still has two stones to go

      So i found a good thing, some "experience" i can share with the board, and for those interested an honest source.

      oh and by the way, smiths non petroleum honing oil is the best!