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Snipe after knife switch

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  • Snipe after knife switch

    I just switched the knife on my 13" planer to the new side - first time since I got it. And now I'm getting some snipe, which never happened before. The knife seems to just drop into the slot...should I check to see if it's all the way back in there. And what if the first side was worn unevenly?...would that make it not fit properly back into the slot?

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    I have yet to have to change the knives on my planer. My jointer kicked my a-- the first time I set it up. I need to put new knives in it, I have the knives, anyone want to make a couple of bucks?

    I don't feel like fiddling with this thing again.

    I did not get it right the first time, a good friend did it! Need to find a local woodworker that knows how to do them quick quick and right!


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      Jointer Knife Setting Jig
      Planer Knife Setting Jig

      I don't have either one of these so I can't tell you if they work or not but maybe someone else has them and can offer an opinion.
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        The Ridgid knives have tabs on the ends that seat into the slots. There is no adjustment to them, just drop them in and go. If you started tightening them at one end the bolt may have pulled the blade out slightly. You can tell by measureing a board on each side and see if they are equal. New knives will not cause snipe. It is possible you leaned on the table when working on the knives and knocked it off a little. If the snipe is on the starting end of the board it is the infeed table that is off, and vise versus with the other end
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          Yeah I have the jointer pal. Could not get it to work. will be trying again in hopefully the next few weeks.

          Papadan, never saw these grooves you speak of on the ridgid blades and I have 2 sets along with a craftsman set.


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            You can see the tabs on the ends of the blades. They fit into slots on the end of the knife drum.
            info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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              Papadan is the (hoist)Man! Look for the "ears" on your planer blades, they will position the jointer blades correctly in your machine.

              As for the jointer (slightly off topic, but has been brought up earlier).

              I made my own jig for the jointer. You can too!

              I used two pieces of Baltic birch (8"X 3" X ½") with perfectly flat edges, glued three strong magnets to the base with two on the left side(or call it anchor) and one magnet on the right side (or call it blade) to hold it fast to the iron deck. All you have to do is remove the old blades, place the magnetic jig directly over the blade drum then replace the blades one at a time, tightening each one as you go, and then remove the jig.

              It keeps the top of the blade at the same plane as the work surface. Super Fast too.

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