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    Hello all!

    I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else; I bought the 3-pc combo kit because it had the free battery offer. When I got my purchase home, I discovered that I had missed the offer time frame: of course. FFWD to mid-OCT when I see the same promo offered for 2 days after I purchased my kit!! Should I bother to send in the promo coupon. I'll probably give the company a call but whether that operator says yeah or nay doesn't really mean a hill of beans at the promo center... Ciao

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    If you didn't purchase the kit during the dates that the promotion was being offered, why would you think that your purchase would qualify for the promotion? Every promo has a start/stop date and if you don't qualify, you don't qualify.

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      Maybe return it and buy another kit, assuming that a new promo is underway.


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        Go back to HD and raise hell with the Manager about the commercials still running after the end of the promotion. My BIL did and they gave him a Battery
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          I went to Home Depot a few days ago thinking that I might buy one of Ridgid's 3 or 4 piece combo kits. salesman showed me the coupon and claimed that I could get a free battery with a purchase. Fortunately, I read the fine print on the coupon before buying and discovered that the promotion expired in DECEMBER.

          I tried to e-mail Ridgid asking if the promotion had been extended, but got no answer. They didn't answer my e-mail at all. So I bought DeWalt, which was a better deal without a coupon.


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            If Home Depot is advertising promotions that no longer exist, or if their salepeople are offering expired coupons as incentive for customers to make a purchase, then Home Depot is guilty of fraud and deceptive sale practices. If this is how they plan on staying in business then one wonders what the true shape of their bottom line might be.
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              Home Builder, I did much research before my 4 pc combo purchase in late December. The coupons in the store stated that the promo was to end at the end of December or something like "while supplies last." So I called Ridgid and was told 1) that the promo had been extended 'till the end of January, 2) the coupons in the store would not be updated with the new date, 3) the web site would have a coupon that could be printed with the correct ending date and 4) there was no danger of Ridgid running out of either batteries or jigsaws.

              It took a month for my rebate to be completed which I am satisfied with. I am also very satisfied with my Ridgid purchase and the performance of the tools. Ridgid did a terrible job of promoting the battery/jigsaw promo. As an intermediate level do-it-yourself type of person I think a lot more could have been done to bring these tools to potential customers awareness.

              Don't worry for a second about your Dewalt purchase. Mom always told me that everything happens for a reason.


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                I mailed in my entry for the three-piece 18-volt combo included in the Hat Trick promo in late January (the promo ran a bit later here in Canada). Since I'd yet to receive an answer from Ridgid early May, I wrote them a first email (no reply), and then a second, both through the customer service portal of their website. I received a reply from a Tom C, customer service rep, telling me that he "wasn't aware of a single recent Home Depot promotional that offered all three items that (I'd) mentioned".

                But Tom C included a phone number where I left two messages to a Mrs. Jones, she's the one tracking the Hat Trick promo for Ridgid. Three days later I finally reached someone (Jessica) who informed me that they were really backed up on the promo, but after a thirteen minute search she informed me that they couldn't find my entry. And what was I to do? She suggested that I simply forget about it since they'd probably never received my entry.

                What I have in my possession is a copy of my Home Depot bill of sale, the receipt from the post office from where I mailed the entry, and a printout of Ridgid's clueless customer service rep. And still my local (Montreal, Canada) Ridgid rep is telling me that whatever Ridgid decides is final.

                Does anyone have a solution?