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    While resawing ton's of Oak the last couple days, I burned up several 3/4" band saw blades. Local blade maker's welder fried, left me in limbo. Had to travel 80 miles to find 2 blades. (TimberWolfs at that, and they dull just as fast as 1/2 the price cheapo's).

    Well, while I was there, they had a special promotion going on machines. So I jumped in, and purchased the Shop Fox bench mortiser. Finished the resawing tonight, and will enjoy assembly of the mortiser tomarrow, but not trying to find a place for it! Looks like that docking station is in very near plans.

    Also snagged up some Birdseye Hard Maple for Josh's high chair and a really curly, Cury Soft Maple board for the tray. Should be one to showcase...I hope. (crosses fingers) Told the wife she had to be in the shop to take pics of this one! WebSite updates are WAY overdue. Things don't look nothing like what the site shows now.
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