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  • 4-peice kit now 5peice

    Anyone else pay big bucks for your 4peice 18v kit and go to HD just to find out it now comes with a 18v Impact driver... Ridgid you make me soooooooooooooooooooooooo angry. Please send me one

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    Did you not get the rebate form and send in for the free impact? It's been available for at least a month now.

    If you bought the set less than 90 days ago, HD should let you return it, then go buy the new set.

    If you bought it over 90 days ago, you might be out of luck. Note that there's been talk about the rebate and the new addition for quite some time on these boards, so there's been plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the new package, even if you bought it as long as 3.5 months ago.

    Don't get mad at Ridgid, manufacturers change products all the time. In this case you may have missed out, next time hopefully you'll get in on it.


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      I got mine with a cordless jigsaw, making it 5...

      free battery also.

      making it 5 pieces - 4 batt's.


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        Originally posted by Orange Brand:
        I got mine with a cordless jigsaw, making it 5...

        free battery also.

        making it 5 pieces - 4 batt's.
        So you got the hammer drill, circ saw, recip saw, jig and flashlight? No impact? Or did you also get the impact, and you aren't counting the flashlight? Was it all in one kit? What was the final price? Where was this? Sounds like the deal I've been waiting for, details please!

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          I bought mine last year.

          It came with:
          circle saw
          recip saw
          2 batteries
          (came with mail in rebate)
          +1 battery
          +jig saw

          made it a total or 5 pieces.
          same offer just available with impact now instead of jig.

          also when you buy the 4 piece set look for the ones that come with 3 batt's. the item number is (example:90023-2) the -2 is the key. there should still be some lying around here and there from the last special.

          hope this helps

          (sorry forgot I got last 2 batt's seperately)