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  • christmas

    Being a avid "tool horder" as my wife says. I was just wondering what was on everybodys tool wish list this season. Mine is a new 12 inch compound miter saw.

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    Well My list is still active from last year.LOL Still want a delta 16-32 sander, but looks like santa wont be making it again this year. LOL
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      I would like to get a lathe, but it way too much money to put out for what is basically a hobby right now with two kids in college, it will have to wait a couple years I guess.

      Speaking about the sanders such as the Delta, there seems to be two schools of thought on the design of these tools. One such as the Delta is to make the table movable and it adjust it up/down to match the thickness of the wood. The other is to keep the table fixed and raise/lower the drum. The Delta design probably lends itself to a more rigid mount for the drum but it means that you have to adjust any supports to match the height of the table on the machine. The second lets you set up any in/out feed supports once but the drum is then possibly not held as firmly or squarely to the workpiece. Can anyone who has used both types provide any feedback about this?


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        Christmas wish list for me is to simply see if one of the tools that I have been "eyeing" falls into the big Christmas sales bargain basket. I've been putting off buying much during the year unless I have a time-relevent need. So, this year, I've picked up the Ridgid 14.4 3/8 drill and impact driver combo, the Ryobi BT3100 table saw, and a compound miter saw. The latter wasn't on my wish list, but for $60 the portability couldn't be passed up. Overall, I've spent just $349 on four great tools and saved a good $325 in the process. Not a bad deal, I think!



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          My list starts out with a plasma cutter which I cannot rationalize the expense for and includes a new workshop building which I will eventually rationalize the expense for.
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            A new building is the ultimate wish list item on any persons list.A little slice of heavon thats all yours. Nothing but your tools, radio, and a heater(depending on location). Getting teary eyed just thinking about it.


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              Plasma cutter would be nice. I saw some wooden gates that one of my customers built that had plasma cut inserts in the middle. They were beautiful.
              As far as my reasonable wish list I would say either a ROS or a new Plate jointer.


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                don't know what's inside, but my wife has quite a few gifts wrapped up in tool gift wrapping. not even going to guess what she bought.
                4 years ago i guessed a cordless hatchet sawzall and she was upset i figured it out.



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                  I want a 6'x12' enclosed trailer for christmas. I dont think I am going to get it though.
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                    Im going for some thing a little different Im getting a GPS so I can locate all my tool supply stores .

                    My seek the peek fundraiser page


                    new work pictures 12/09


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                      I would like a dovetail jig. Wont get it, but one can dream.



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                        My wife has been really great about getting me tools for Christmas! Over the years, along with the small tools, she has given me the Delta 10" Contractor's Saw, a 24" X 36" router table, the anniversary steel boxed P-C router, Ryobi 4-piece 18v kit, and last year, the P-C pancake compressor with three guns.

                        I'd like to get a 10" or 12" Miter Saw, and the MSUV, but not this year.

                        This year we added a room full of furniture and window treatment on the back of our house, so that was supposed to be our birthday, anniversary, and Christmas this year. But there is a box under the tree that looks suspiciously like the Craftsman aluminum jack I wanted for the garage. Time to go shoipping for her!

                        Merry Christmas all!
                        (done for the year here at work today)


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                          Did not have a tool wish list but damn if I did not get myself a hell of a great early xmas gift. Got a 5 piece Ridgid combo $100 off. This kit rocks especially the impact.


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                            my wish list consists of a new set of wrenches. i have this Craftsman 262 piece set picked out with all the sockets that i could ever hope to use. i'm pretty sure that i'm going to get's about the only tool item that i want this year. i'm crossing my fingers!
                            ~**John Hull**~