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  • A pig in a poke

    Want to have a laugh on a fellow woodworker? My wife wanted me to take advantage of last weekends 10% discount and the life time warrantee and SHE took me to HD and insisted that I buy the TS3650! Why argue with your spouse? I talked with the guy in the tool dept. and asked why they didn't have one set up. "Not enough in the supply chain yet. Set it up...can't sell it." So I bought a pig in a poke. My shop is extremely small and I have to move my power tools on to the carport to use them. After setting the up the TS3650 in my shop I looked at it....broke out the tape measure. Sure enough..... it won't fit through the door. Now shopping for a 48" door.

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    Gotta love it. My brother had a similiar experience making a beautiful Armoire for his daughter. She couldn't wait to get it into her room. When the day came, low and behold, it wouldn't fit through her bedroom door which had a closet directly inside the room. They had to put it in a spare bedroom. Within a year they ended up buying a much bigger house..coincidence, hmmm.
    Let me see... 1, 2, 3, 4.... Uh Oh.