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Installing a new dust collection system

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  • Installing a new dust collection system

    I have been installing a new dust collection system in my basement workshop, wanting to eliminate the potential fire hazard of the sawdust created by my radial, cutoff and table saws. The major piping consists of 2" PVC (about 20' of it) with the drops (4) being the Ridgid clear 36" tubes and gates. The collection drum is a heavy plastic 45 gal former syrup shipper, into which I am going to cut an eliptical entry to create a turbo collector. My original concept was to have this drum mounted external to the basement, hung on the side of the back of the house, thus keeping the "storage" safely external. On reflection, however, it has dawned on me that, living in northern New England, the condensation created (warm basement - cold outside) may pose a breeding ground for spontainious combustion. I an also concerned about generating static within so much plastic. Should I run a bare grounding conductor through it?