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  • Orange vs. Gray

    I have been reading the many posts for some time now in the different departments and I really appreciate the education I have received as well as thoroughly enjoying the info. I have always wanted a shop and have made the plunge with Ridgid. Just bought TS 2400, Bandsaw, Jointer, and Planer. My night sweats are kicking in due to the many posts of the new motors with the Orange not living up to the Emerson of the Gray. I also see many complaints about the bandsaw. I have not had time to use anything yet but thought I needed a little reassurance by the ones who have used these products and particular the Orange. Thanks to all and have Happy and Safe Christmas.

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    I have four Ridgid stationary tools, three with Emerson motors and the latest acquisition the DP1550 sporting the “China” motor. As far as power, I have not had a chance to push the DP, but it did not break a sweat with a hard plunge of a 1-inch Forstner bit into hard maple and it is unbelievably quiet. Only time will tell as far as the durability factor is concerned on the new motors.