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    Hello everybody,

    Just curious, any new ideas for Home Depot clinics? I've been chosen to be the Clinic Coordinator for my Home Depot, and I feel that wiring ceiling fans, building decks, and retaiing walls are played out. Any fresh ideas? Bear in mind, I'm focusing on the home-owner who wants a one-two day project, not a Master Carpenter or Woodworker.

    Thanks for any and all comments,

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    The one the things I notice in many of my neighbor's garages and basement's are these silly store bought (sorry) storage shelves. Number one, they are not of heavy enough material, and second they lack the depth needed for storage boxes, suitcases, etc.

    Why not have a demo on building nice strong shelving untis out of 2x4's & plywood.


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      Building/installing or installing prefab slide out shelves for kitchen cabinets, tilt out trays in front of sinks, other kitchen organizing ideas.

      Woordworking classes! I haven't seen anything at our HDs that teach how to use different power tools or how to select the proper tool, blade, bit, etc. Or safety using them. You could do something like "Introduction to the Table Saw". I think this sort of thing might help sell even more big ticket items.


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        Why not make a list of those PITA things that your neighbors are always looking for "help" with (where "help" means "would you do it for me?") and then pick from the list, which would include:

        Fixing doors/hinges to close without hitting the jamb or pass over new carpet;

        Fixing stuck or sticky double-hung windows;

        Replacing front-door thresholds;

        Re-wiring lamps whose switches have worn out;

        Installing under-cabinet lights (a good way to sell those halogen light kits);

        Thermostat replacements;

        Fixing electric garage door openers.

        (For the last, herewith a hint for something I've encountered now more than once, but isn't in any book on the subject I've ever seen. The complaint is that the door sometimes reverses itself, either opening or closing, but not consistently, and not when there is any obstruction. You spend a couple of hours plumbing the rails and tightening all the fittings, and you play with the torguq limit adjustments, and maybe it works for a day or so, but then it goes back to quirky reversing. Inside, the torque limiters are usually some long (3-4") spring steel contacts, which over time have become bent enought that the normal shaking back and forth of the anti-torque springs is enough, sometimes, to make a contact and trigger the reversing function. All you have to do is straighten the switch leaves out (spreading them a bit) and a miracle has been performed. Be careful, as in some (maybe all) doors, those switches are hot with 110V.)


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          Thanks, Guys. I'll keep looking. Maybe someday I'll make it up the totem pole, and make this kind of stuff mandetory at all HD's. Lobby for me [img]smile.gif[/img]

          Thanks Again,


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            Wood magazine in August 2001 had a story on using ridgid tools at HDs. it was on the very last page.
            Andy B.


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              Basic mass marketing techniques. Went to HD today where they were selling a Ryobi 4 piece set (sander, etc.) in front of the Rigid table saws. Immediately to the left of the Ryobi display was a Rigid planer and a Rigid portable table saw which no one was demonstrating. 2:00 pm on Saturday afternoon with a full parking lot? Somebody is missing the boat!


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                I hate to join the pig-pile dumping on Home Depot -- a store I really love (my wife says I should change my voter registration to the HD store address) -- but:

                Was in last Saturday. Wandered into the tools section. Since I happen to be in the market for a new, bigger and better table saw in the new future, went over to pet the TS2424 on "display." Underneath it were a couple of boxes containing TS2424s; if you bought one of the saws, you would carry one of the boxes out to the car, right?

                Wrong. Each of the boxes was dirty, badly dented, and showed evident signs of having been opened. Even for something that didn't weigh as much as a TS2424, who wants to buy something that already looks like its been through the war (and not necessarily on the winning side)? If I were Ridgid, I'd be concerned about marketing my stuff through a chain that gives every impression of not really wanting to sell any of my tools.


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                  I revisited HD on Sunday to see if I could pet the surface planer and see it demonstrated as it should have been on Saturday. Same scenario, somebody demonstrating Dremel across the aisle from an idle Rigid planer and TS. This store has a huge amount of traffic. I had to search the lot to find a parking space. If I was Rigid I would have been there from dawn to dusk seeing that my products were on display and in operation.


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                    Hi, how about a discount to every customers who bring his wife in the tools section and get her to pay the bill as a symbol. Why ? Because every time I am seeking for a new toy (tool), my wife always come up with tons of projetcs that I better get into! See what I mean..... It's easier to go through the customs even these days. However having her with some projects in minds, it helps Ridgid and HD to sell their tools and myself to get new toys !