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  • Cool New Tool Bag!

    My sweet wife who gave me another Ridgid drill for my tool collection this Christmas also gave me one of Ridgids new tool bags. [ Details ] This is a great bag.

    This bag would be useful to a lot of people from "do-it-yourselfers" to general contractors.

    It would be VERY suitable for electricians. I have some experience as an electrician (my Father was an independent electrical contractor), I can say that this bag would beat anything for an electrician. It has tons of storage for all the hand tools that an electrician needs (that can be a lot of tools) along with diagnostic equipment while providing room for drill/drivers, battery operated screwdrivers and so on. Heck, it even comes with a box to hold extra screws and wire nuts. The shoulder strap and hand grip are very comfortable. If anyone has an electrician in the family (or appliance installer or general contractor or....), I would consider this bag as a gift.

    The only drawback (minor in my book) is that it isn't made to cary the cordless circular saw. However, it is great for a cordless drill, spare batteries, charger, a recip saw or jig saw, as well as loads of other tools.

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    I went to Home Depot to buy one of those bags and they tell me that Ridgid recalled them all. You may want to look into why. I haven't found out why yet. It looks like a great toolbag and I was hoping the price came down after the holidays.