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  • Vac model 1635

    The information about the vacuum model #1635 on the Ridgid website is confusing the top says it has 6.0 peak HP and the features below say 4.5 peak HP. The air watts look like those of the 4.5 peak HP. Would someone from Ridgid please clarify.

    I'm comparison shopping for a vac and having good numbers helps.

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    Not to start too much of a war here, but be very cautious about making comparisons on the basis of "peak" horsepower.

    A horsepower is defined as 748 watts. In a perfect world, you could get 1 horsepower out of a motor that drew 748 watts, but in the real world you have to factor in a whole bunch of inefficiencies and internal loads, and a more realistic figure is 900-1000 watts per horsepower.

    As you can quickly see, the most horsepower you can get out of a 15-amp 110-volt circuit is about 1.5.

    "Peak" used as an adjective in this context is about like the legal adjective "equitable," and it means "not really:" an equitable lien is not really a lien and equitable estoppel is not really estoppel. A "peak horsepower" is not really a horsepower.

    What I would do is look at the UL plate to see what the draw of the motor is in amps. Given that voltage will be equal for all machines, and assuming efficiencies in vac design and universal motor design are close enough to be considered equal, the motor that draws the most amps has the most power, and, if the fan system is well designed, will produce the most "vacuum power."

    Life would be easier if people quit using the term "peak horsepower."