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  • Was I At Home Depot?

    I was driving by HD today and decided to stop and see if they had any after Xmas deals laying around. Was standing outside looking at the snow throwers parked out front and a HD guy came up to ask if I needed help. I wasn't even in the door yet! Went inside and immediately was set upon by two more clerks wanting to know if I need any help. Explained to them I was just window shopping and headed to the tool area. Started down the first isle and again a clerk came up and inquired as to how could he help me. Thanked him for the offer and continued to browse. Anyway, before I got out of the store at least three more HD employees wanted to know what they could do to be of service to me. Was I in the Twilight Zone?

    I'm wondering if the local manager here has cracked the whip a little bit or if HD Corporate has finally started to listen. Anyone else out there experiencing this phenominum? I hope this kind of attention to the customer sticks and is not just a temporary change.
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    Christmas time brings out the best in most week it'll be back to normal... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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      Must still be the holiday season. Went into my favorite(I have three close) HD today to get faucet supply hoses, stair rail mounting brackets and a pack of blue towels---that is three different departments. 10:00 AM and got a cheery HI from the checkout girl(I use the contractors exit) and a "Can I help" in hardware(a first there), a "Finding everything ok?" in paint and a "That is a neat business card!" at the checkout.
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        Maybe they are finally taking their pills! I went to a grand opening yesterday and it was the same, like shooing away nats! but I marked it off to being first day, figured by next week you wouldn't be able to find an employee....funny thing, I applied for a parttime job...they said they had "other, more qualified people"! I probably know their tool dept, better than they do, so an employee in the tool dept comes up to me and says, "they sure have a lot of things and gadgets I have never seen!" go figure!!
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          The only HD around here is a 45 minute drive. Right next to the HD is a Lowes. The employees at HD have always been helpful. I have never gone in and not been approached and asked if I needed help. Unfortunately, at Lowes it's just the opposite. Most of the time I have to hunt for somebody to help. After I ask my question, they usually say they will have to go find out, and then they disappear. Our HD must just have a good manager. I've read other threads that complain about the service at HD, but I've never had that problem. FWIW.