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Forget the life time warranty

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  • Forget the life time warranty

    I just read some place that the world is coming to a end on Christmas eve...

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    Is that east coast or west coast time?


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      It didn't say...


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        Its the last book of the BIBLE


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          Is that really the last book of the Bible, or just the latest?


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            Well that really throws a new wrinkle into things. Now I am wondering if I should hurry up and finish my Christmas projects, or try to get my money back.
            And what does that do to my Lifetime Warrantee?
            If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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              In light of this news will ridgid be offering an AfterLifeTime warranty?
              Or did ridgid know about this end of the world thing all along and offered the lifetime warranty knowing no one would ever collect?
              And most importantly, are batteries covered?


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                WOW, this should be one hell of a discontinuation sale, did they happen to say when the sale starts?


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                  Ok good news The lifetime warranty is now for your lifetime no if an's or butts..

                  So we can now stop talking about it now...

                  The tools will last your lifetime...same

                  even the usibiles are covered...Please allow 16 days shipping...same

                  I'll be able to ship all your money/tools to you over on the other side...Please Western-union/UPS all to me for safe keeping...

                  In case I don't see you before... Happy Holidays


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                    ...all the more reason to have those receipts copied and laminated. They're on thermal paper, you know.


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                      Not to jump off the end of the world subject, but if you register you purchase with ridgid, they should have it on file. Should make no difference if you have a receipt or not.

                      When I called on the bad motor on the used scroll saw I purchased, which I hadn't registered yet, and made it clear is was purchased used; the CS person looked me up on the computer and said "AHHH, you have 9 machines registered with us! I'll get that motor in the mail today for you"
                      Even after telling her a second time I purchased it used, she said no problem.

                      The requirement of a receipt I feel is a way out of making good on the warranty. As long as you register the tool with Ridgid, no receipt should be needed. Any service center through a simple phone call or a few clicks of a mouse should be able to find out if it's under warranty or not with the owners info. Name, address, phone, zip, etc. I was only asked for my name and zip code. She confirmed my mailing address.

                      I might add, very friendly and anxious to help. I'd have to say the end of the world has come and gone on that note...
                      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                        UO Woody, was this a recent contact with RIDGID?
                        If so the details are rather encouraging! Perhaps the recent customer service woes are drawing to an end. (or maybe not...)
                        Sounds like good news though.


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                          Woody, as recent purchaser of a TS3650 and a new forum user I certainly am happy that your service woes seem to be subsiding. Since buying and joining the forum I have read your posts and gone to your website and learned a lot. I did, however, find your constant complaining disheartening and had quit reading your posts. Though I have been a casual woodworker for over 20 years I just recently built my first piece of furniture and retired my 23-24 year old Craftsman direct drive ts for my new TS3650. I looked forward to learning more skills from you and picking your brain in the future. It's nice to know that I stand a chance of getting service for my new toy in the future, too!


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                            UO Woody is right - RIDGID can see your assortment of products when you register them with us and then contact us.

                            HOWEVER - Registering your product will not cover you for getting the benefit of the Lifetime Service offer. You must have the proof of purchase, with date on it. I know - having the tool in hand should be proof enough someone will write since this topic has spun all over the place on this forum...

                            BUT, the facts are you need a copy of your receipt to be fully covered under this offer. That is just the rules of engagement.


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                              I purchased my machines last year at the end of July, with the old full life time warrantee. Though I'm sure I kept my receipts and are filed away with last years tax stuffs;

                              Does this mean for us purchasing earlier than new promoional limited life time warranty also have to have a recept for warranty service?

                              Idle hands,

                              this august of september of 2002 on the scroll saw motor. When Ridgid did all the service, warranty and parts shipping themselfs.
                              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>