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What is a "Flaring" tool used for?

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  • What is a "Flaring" tool used for?

    Yes I know. A total newbie question but still what are these tools used for?


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    When a flare is made the end of the tube is flared or made bell shaped so that it can be gripped between the male part of the fitting and the nut. A flared connection on copper tubing offers an alternative method of joining tubing. This type of connection is a mechanical connection and requires no solder or flame. It is easy to remove and replace a flared joint for this reason. You will see this type of connection made in gas as well as hydraulic applications.


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      For a visual, you can look at the picture on this website. You will have to go through a couple drop down menus, but it is pretty easy. If you are at the home page, look under products then plumbing then tubing and then flaring tools. That should give you a pretty good idea of how a flaring tool is used. Any other questions, give us a call at 888-743-4333.


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        Thank-you for the assistance.
        Still, what is the reason that I would want to make a flare on a pipe. This technical term is not clear to me yet. I am not very good at English.
        I know a flare is a sort of a pyrotechnique device that makes light, and I guess that this is not the meaning here. So what exactly is a flare on a pipe?

        Thank-you again,


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          To flare can also mean to widen something slightly or gradually; to make something "bell-shaped" as Adam said in his answer. A section of tubing is widened slightly at the end, or "flared", to improve the connection with another section of tubing.


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            Thank-you Norm.
            I got the idea now...!