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  • Kudo's to Promax Tool

    Several months ago i picked up a set of PAX hand scrapers. I honestly do not remember if i picked them up at Berlands or Rockler but i hadn't needed them as of yet, bought them because the price was right. Anyway a few weeks ago i opened them for the first time. One of the three had a tar like substance on it. not wanting to damage the scraper i tried some denatured alcohol and some 3&1 cleaner/degreaser neither of which got rid of it, Not recalling where i bought it and no receipt to be found, I called the 1-800 number on the back of the pkg and was greeted by a very friendly gentlemen who apologized for the issue, and offered to send out a replacement scraper free of charge. At that time i ordered a set of the shaped scrapers as well as i am in need of them. few weeks went by and i heard nothing. My credit card had not been charged. I called to figure out what was wrong, and spoke with the same gentlemen who was again once again very apologetic. they had my order but misplaced my address and did not want to charge my card until they were able to ship. Not only did they replace the scraper, they sent me a whole new set, gave me a discount on the curved set and did not charge me for shipping. And i had them just a few days later. With so many companies out there not willing to stand behind their products etc etc, here is a small company who is merely the importer/distributor for these scrapers, was willing to not only stand behind the product, but their error is uncommon, there are a few out there but they are few and far between. Promax tool apparently IS one of those companies!