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  • Ridgid Work'n'Haul Table

    I just purchased this work table off ebay... There appears to be bolts missing (one on each leg), that hold the legs from folding under accidentally.. I'm guessing they're probably spring loaded, so they can be pushed out when you want to fold or extend the legs.. Can some one tell me where I can get them, or supply me with a picture so I can make them, or purchase parts to make them...
    I also notice UPS broke the heavy plastic wheel in transit.. Does anybody know what kind of glue I can use to repair it with???
    Thank You....John

    [ 03-23-2004, 08:53 PM: Message edited by: John Olynyk ]

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    The only glue I would use to attemp to fix the wheel is the "Gorilla Glue". This stuff is increadible. A word of knowledge, when applying, remember these two things: Wear some type of gloves - for the glue will severly stain your hands upon contact (trust me on this one), and second, the glue will expand during the curing process - be sure to remove excess glue to ensure no unwanted parts are glued.

    The results that I've seen have been amazing. I've used this glue on exterior finished wood raised panel doors(with arch at top) (1 1/2" x 6' x 8' tall) which I built both the doors and jamb, numerous radius display pedistals w/ fin. wood (rounded over) slats around the base for a taxidermist, so on and so on.

    Needless to say, I'm sold on this glue.

    Hope this helps.


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      OK thanks, I will look for this glue tomorrow, will try HD first... John


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        Thanks for the phone numbers & links Tom... I found they had the parts I need... John