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  • Metal Barns-Homes-etc.

    We are looking for any help/advice concerning working with metal (C perlins, R panels, square tubing) as an alternative to framing with wood. Specifically, we are looking for any HOW TO information.

    For example, one can find books at Lowes on HOW TO frame a house with wood. But one cannot find any HOW TO information on metal framing with C and Z perlins, square tubing, etc.

    Its as if the metal industry is keeping all the metal framing HOW TO info a secret. And that is frustrating.

    My wife and I built a porch on the East side of our house. I had my wife up on a ladder holding a 20 foot C perlin in the air while I was up on a ladder holding the other end. We were working 8 feet in the air on ladders trying to weld the two ends of this 20 foot C perlin. It was dangerous.

    So...I've purchased two pipe jacks (RIGID) and want to extend them so that I can hold a piece of metal up while I work on the ends.

    We are looking for any advice, tricks, tips about working with metal.

    It would be nice to have a section on this forum for this topic.

    Thanks from New Mexico.