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    I did the trim on my house last summer. I just removed the loose paint(very little) and then cleaned the surface. 2 coats of the behr premium plus satin finish. The gloss finish might give you a peeling problem. Sounds like you had a bad match with the primer or the wood is a little damp. I've never used behr primer so I cant say if its good or bad.


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      Just painted my new shop a few weeks ago, used
      Behr satin exterior. Used a Wagner sprayer. No complaints so far. Used Behr primer on the trim, again, no complaints. Two coats with the sprayer, WOW did that make it easy! Don't really have anything to compare to but like I said, no complaints so far. Oh, by the way, did I miss somthing? This thread started with a complaint about Glidden, right? But wer'e all talking about Behr.


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        I'm surprised at your problem. I've found that behr is the best outdoor i've used, the primer was thick, but it covered well with the paint. As far as returns go... maybe it was the local stores decision; I've been in 2 situations in North Canton Ohio where the color didnt (quite) match up, and they had no problem taking back tinted primer AND paint and replacing it even up.


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          A very good friend of mine had his own house painting business for quite a few years. He used Richards, Ben Moore, Sherwin Williams, Pittsburgh, etc. Bottom line was that he went where he could get the best deal. However, he used the premium quality paints, which is why he had so many referrals and repeat customers. He stopped dealing with a couple of paint stores when he caught them "cutting" the paint before selling it to him (Lesson, the best deal pricewise may not be the best deal).
          I don't think you can get a good housepaint for under $18-$20 per gallon. If you get the cheaper paint, you end up using more due the the number of coats required.
          I had excellent luck in Fla using Lowe's Signature series, which I think is about the same quality as Behr premium (and the same price).

          my .02
          Practicing at practical wood working