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    Home Depot has outdone itself in the pi$$ poor paint department.

    Glidden used to be a fine paint but in the last 10 years it has deteriorated.

    We are redoing the kitchen and bought some flooring and such at HD this past weekend. Having never painted with Behr and out of convienence, we purchased some primer and a gallon each of two colors for the kitchen.

    Upon trying to paint with the primer i became disgusted. It was like trying to paint with Glue! HD no longer takes paint back, so I had to call Behr and after telling me I had to thin their paint with water

    i thought that was ridiculous but tried it anyway

    it spread a little better but was still very difficult

    and it splattered all over the place

    so I called behr and they are refunding me for the three gallons of paint

    I will never again buy Behr

    Pratt and Lambert of Benjamin Moore for me!

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    Wow, I have yet to try their primer, as I really like Kilz. But, I've had good experience with Behr latex wall paint. Over the last two years, we've painted every room in the house with it and found it works very well. I'm by no means a paint expert, but my wife read a very good review in "Consumers" and that's why we tried it. We've used their latex "eggshell" finish enamel almost exclusivly with very good results.

    The only complaint that I've really had is that their really satuturated colors (Black and Dark Green) seem to take forever to cure. They seem to dry slower, but are still "soft" even after two days. I've painted wood, plaster, and even plastic and vinyl with nice results. I've even thinned it with water so I could spray paint interior vinyl shutters. They were easily marked (uncured paint I guess) for a couple of days, but afterwards, the surface was quite durable.

    I certainly do appreciate the warning about their primer and I'll definitely stay away from that!

    With regard to Home Depot NOT taking back the paint, I'm surprised and wonder if it is a "local" store decision. I've bought a lot of paint and though I haven't tried to return any quantity, we have done so, just recently. As a matter of fact, we just contracted with painter for our newly purchased home and he also likes Behr. We're buying the paint (to save him from having to do it) and he recommended that we buy the one-gallon cans rather than the 5-gallon size, so that we can return any un-opened excess to the store! Hey, HD seems to have different rules at every store (and even at different times of the day )

    Sorry for your problem and thanks for the warning about the primer,



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      just buy duron
      9/11/01, never forget.


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        Glidden is worthless.
        The behr premium is okay. Stay away from the other behr paint.
        When painting a kitchen dont waste your time with anything but the best paints. Benjamin Moore, Pratt and Lambert. They cost more but a kitchen doesn't use that much paint.


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          i wonder whats the best selling paint brand nowadays..


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            Originally posted by michael stephen:
            i wonder whats the best selling paint brand nowadays..
            Don't know the answer but I'll bet that the best selling brand that pros use is not the best selling brand that DIY'ers buy.
            I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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              I think any investigation of the "best selling paint" will prove Badger Dave to be absolutely correct. While I happen to like Behr Premium latex wall paint, there are certainly many who would disagree and have their own experiences to back that up.

              I've talked to a few "pro" painters in the last month or so and many swear by Sherwin-Williams. Probably more so than anything else. Of course the question there (in my suspicious mind anyway), is whether it's better or if they get a "professional" price break. All of those particular painters insisted they buy the paint and their quotes were all substantially higher. But then again, maybe they really are the best at what they do and the paint they use and the price they charge is really worth the difference, and I just can't afford it? Experience has shown me that when it comes to the "trades", its difficult to condemn something when I don't know all of the considerations.


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                I know pro painters who buy Dunn Edwards and Behr because they are decent paints at a good price. But if they paint their houses they use either the Behr or Benjamin Moore.


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                  Professionals have preferences and they are not all the same. I've used Behr since HD opened here and I've always had good experiences with it exept for darkly tinted flat paint. Even after it dries it can be marked if you rub against it. I use Kilz if I use primer and have nevver had a problem with it. I can get one coat coverage with Behr but not with Glidden. I have to say I use mostly "whites" If anyone has had success with a darkly tinted flat or eggshell let me know. I have returned paint to HD and it depends who is on the return desk.


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                    Darkly tinted flat paints are all chalky. It is impossible to produce a dark paint of that type without some chalkiness. I have had good luck with dark tinted behr and benjamin moore flats.
                    The woodwork on my home is a dark brown behr satin exterior enamel dark base. 2 coats and I have no problems. You need to be certain that the base is dark, not clear, otherwise you will need 3 coats easily.
                    The difference between the behr and benjamin moore is about 30% on the price, but the BM will not fade or yellow until about 8 years of direct sun, the behr will do this sooner. Without sun, the BM will outlast you.


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                      I had the exterior of my house painted about 7yrs. ago and the contractor used BM and you're right . The paint looks as good as when they first put it on.


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                        I bought the behr out of convienence and am sorry i did. I have 2 gallons not opened that will likely rot in the basement or be used if i need a neutral coat of paint on something.

                        I will stick with Pratt and Lambert or Benjamin Moore. Yeah it costs a little more, but like most things you get what you pay for.
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                          The only Behr worth anything is the Premium. I've had good experience with it.
                          The only big dif I see with it and BM is that the BM never fades or yellows. In general you dont save enough money buying cheap paint to make it worth while. If you spend $3000 to paint your house what the heck is another$150 for good paint?


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                            The primer I bought was the Premium Plus (purple can), the paint was the premium. Now I never even opened the paint, after fighting with the primer, i pitched a fit and they refunded my monies. The paint might have been better but I wasn't willing to try considering the primer was that bad.

                            I disagree on the benjamin moore being just as good, just being a little more durable. When it comes to application, the BM actually spreads, as does the Pratt and Lambert. The one thing that I noticed that was different between the P&L and the BM was that the BM seemed to want to splatter just a little more. Not much, but it had a little more splatter. Otherwise, it spread just as well, covered just as well, and was worth the money I paid for it
                            \"A SHIP OF WAR IS THE BEST AMBASSADOR\"<br /><br />OLIVER CROMWELL


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                              Recently I had to re-do some exterior trim and railing. This is on the front of our new house, and I really wanted to do everything the right way, for once. So I sanded and sanded a got everything smooth and prepped.

                              Going on their recommendation I got HD Behr premium exterior primer and applied it. It sucked. Using Purdee brushes it woouldn't go on smooth. Then even worse it didn't ever set up right and stick like a good primer should even after several weeks of hot weather. I called them and they said to go ahead and cover with Behr paint, which I did.

                              Sadly it still does not stick like other paints and scratches and comes off too easy.

                              I'm really upset because I took a long time to get the things prepped, now it looks like I'll be doing it all over again.

                              Next time Kliz and Sherwin Williams.