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  • Bandsaw

    Thanks for the come back Woodslayer. I was also curious about the riser block for the bandsaw. People complain about the 3/4 hp. motor being a bit under powered then how could it do well with the 6in. riser block. Seems to me you would be putting more strain on it. As I said before, I am just starting with the wood working and need all the help I can get. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also not knowing just how much I would use a drill press, I just picked up the little 10in. Ryobi but do you think I need to get the big Ridgid. Thanks!
    Big Kahuna

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    I would just use the Ryobi for now. You'll soon know if it's enough DP for your needs or if you need a larger unit. Remember, you have 90 days to return the Ryobi if you're not satisfied with it.
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      A drill press is one of those items like a jointer in that you can get by without it most of the time if you are willing to do things the hard way sometimes. However, when you need one there they are a great timesaver.

      I agree with Badger Dave that you need to use the RYOBI and see what you think your needs will be. With HDs 90 day return policy you need to "play" with it and try different things that will figure into future projects. If you plan to use it building larger items try to use the drill press on larger boards, etc. If you do as much of this as you can during the 90 days you will have a much better idea of what you want in a drill press and whether the benchtop version will fit your needs. If you decide you need a full-size drill press you can always return the benchtop and use the refund towards a full-size model.