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    Norm, there is a decided lack of response from moderators on this web site. Is moderating supposed to be a primary function with you guys or do you have to do it from time to time for punishment? I know that dealing with the public can be a PITA and that if you respond to one question then five more are asked. In addition, Ridgid could announce that all tools are now on special for just $2.00 and you would have some people complain that it wasn't $1.00. So you cannot please everyone. However, the public is your bread and butter. Since this is a Ridgid site you guys need to do it right or not do it at all. VERY POOR COMMUNICATION.

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    Perhaps we have different ideas about the function of moderators. The way we see it here, this message board is provided as a service to the RIDGID tool using community. You can share ideas, experiences, and yes, gripes with other tool users, both hobbyists and professionals. Moderators exist primarily to make sure things stay civil and answer questions that can only be answered by someone here at the company.

    When someone volunteers to be a moderator, it is in addition to their primary job. Josh and I are web developers. Brandman is the RIDGID brand manager. Adam is an instructor here at the RIDGID schoolhouse. If a moderator never replies or if we start getting complaints from the users, then we simply remove him. Like I said, being a moderator is voluntary.

    The Shop Talk Forum doesn't replace our customer service or tech service departments, and it shouldn't. It's only as good as you guys make it.


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      Norm, excuse the delay in this reply but I've been at an out of state motorcycle (my other hobby) rally for the last several days.

      I would agree with your stated role and purpose of moderator if this were not a site sponsored by Ridgid for the purpose of promoting Ridgid products. Ridgid tool owners and would-be owners who post on this site expect their posts to be read by Ridgid personnel.

      You state that this job is a voluntary addition to the primary work that your guys have. I realize that there are only a couple of thousand registered people on this site and even with the addition of numerous non-registered surfers the figure is just a drop in the bucket in terms of the business that Ridgid does.

      But the bottom line is that since this is a company sponsored site, questions and concerns should be answered by the company even if they are redundant. I can think of few jobs as important as public relations.


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        First, I hope you had a good time at the bike rally!

        I still think we disagree as to the purpose of the Forum. You say the purpose is "to promote RIDGID products." That is true to the extent that the purpose of the whole website is to promote RIDGID products. But as I stated before, we see the specific purpose of the Forum as supporting the community of tool users by giving them a place to interact, both with each other and with us.

        The truth is, if we followed your logic, we would just have to do away with the Forum. We started the Shop Talk area when Josh and I saw a need for a discussion forum for the website. We got the company to foot the bill for the software, but that didn't obligate anyone else to support it. And frankly, Josh and I don't have the technical expertise (outside of the area of web development) that it takes to respond to your questions.

        We continue to try to engage the interest of other people in the company, but all we can do is point out how active the Forum has become. Last year we averaged 350 visitors daily, now it's closer to 1000. As that number continues to grow, perhaps we can use it to justify greater participation by company representatives.