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    Does anyone know of an open chat forum? I don't mind this forum but it sometimes gets boring reading the same posts all the time. I use Yahoo messenger but havent seen any kind of open chat for this type stuff.

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    this forum was originally intended as a general topics AKA non tool section. It just seems that everyone ends up talking about tools in all the sections of the forum.

    Maybe I'll try adding an non-tool related discussion section.



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      I know a good one its, tool info forum. a great place with good folks.

      Bob B.

      Be safe out there folks.
      Be safe out there folks
      Bob B


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        Tool info is a BB forum, does not have actual Chat capabilities.Josh, you could help a lot by making a forum for the 3650 and move all of the posts about it there. That is the most discussed item on these forums and has run over into every forum
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          Instead of adding a new catagory, which I see has already been done, how about eliminating some. There seems to not be a whole lot of rhyme or reason as to which forum people post in anyway. As long as the moderators don't have the time to move threads around why have a forum full of post that have little or nothing to do with the general theme of that particular forum?

          I think that many of the forums are redundant anyway and that the "Woodworker's Corner" forums are pretty much all that is needed with maybe one or two from the other catagories moved into there. If one looks at the total number of topics and posts in the "Woodworker's Corner" forums and compares them to the rest of the BB's numbers it's easy to see where most of the activity is.

          With respect to the professional tradesmen/women who frequent this site, I would suggest that the "Plumber's Corner" forums be left as is.
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