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Who makes Sears tools now?

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  • Who makes Sears tools now?

    Just curious...anyone know?

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    Hey Steve!! I think that they are made by Ryobi now as far as their larger powertools.


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      Who really cares, they will not honer the warrenty. Satifaction or your momey back. I am finished. After all of my years and dollars spent at sears the would not honer their warrenty on a $7.99 item. They get yur $ and the the H--- with you. As far as I am concerned SEARS "HAS GONE OUT OF BUSINESS" there are plenty of others out there that will work with YOU , not AGAINST you .. Shope somewhere else as they will be folling Montgomery Ward If I have my say ... dd


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        From everything I have heard it is Ryobi. Trouble with that, IMHO, is that Ryobi only makes one tool worth buying. Their mini-biscuit joiner. Have had several Ryobi tools and am not very happy with them. In fact, that is why I now own a TS2424. It replaces a Ryobi BT3000. Craftsman power tools built in the last 15 to 20 years do not have a very good track record.
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