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  • Lifetime Registration Process


    I trust that this finds everyone well and in good spirits.

    I have just completed the Lifetime registration process, and pursuant thereto, I have encountered 2 issues:

    (1) there seems to be 2 Ebox accounts associated with my registering, which is probably due to the fact that on my first attempt I entered my "purchase date" incorrectly, and finding no editing option for that field, I back-stepped in my browser to the relevant webpage and began again;
    (2) for security reasons, I do not accept or send
    email through my browser software, and the only email contact that I have for Ridgid on their webpage requires that such option be implemented.

    (1) is it necessary to delete one of the Ebox settings that was built for me when I registered
    my purchase, and if so how do I accomplish same; and
    (2) what is Ridgids email address so that I might communicate with them through a standard email client rather than my browser?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    \"There was never a bad peace or a good war\" (Benjamin Franklin)