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WD vacuum warrenty & drywall..Sand & Kleen ?

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  • WD vacuum warrenty & drywall..Sand & Kleen ?

    Hi. New here.

    Iv trashed many wetdry shop vacs & need something better. The last one went bad because of drywall dust from my poeter cable dustless power sander I think.

    Does the lifetime warrenty cover the motor on the ridgid shop vacs?

    & could I make a Sand & Kleen Dustless Drywall Sanding System with a 5 gallon bucket for my porter cable dustless powersander? Do I need to make a bypass on the suction hose as not to overload the vacuum?

    Thanks in advance.

    Mike K

    [ 02-07-2004, 03:31 PM: Message edited by: Mike K ]

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    Mike - the Dustless sys you've referenced has worked real well for me on drywall dust and using a Rigid s-vac.
    I know the motor was covered last fall - I burnt mine out when I overloaded with drywall dust and it got into eveything in motor and it started to scream. I kept going and it just ceased to work. HD just pulled one from inventory, took out the vac from box and off I went with replacement.
    I then started using the dustless - incredible difference. Just dump the water outside - vac remains nearly empty of dust.

    I just used existing hoses as supplied.

    Not sure if this actually answers your question totally but it works very well and my s/v appreciates it too


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      Thanks Chipmaker [img]smile.gif[/img]

      How old was your ridgid S-vac when you burnt it out? & Who is HD?

      I was tempted to buy the Porter cable shop-vac but its over $200 but has power up feature when you start your tool.

      Are ridgid s-vacs really better than shop-vac brand?

      Thanks again.



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        Mike K,
        HD is Home Depot other wise known as the big orange box. I have a Craftsman wet/dry vac that refuses to die, it has handled sanding drywall, a kitchen remodel, cleaning out the last inch or so of water from my above ground swimming pool so I could install a new liner, cleaning up the garage shop, dust collection on my sliding miter saw, and everything else I have thrown at it. And the sucker was cheap.