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  • Window type Heat Pump for shop

    Ok I'm Hoping someone out there has some epxerence with this. Let me say at the out set I know how a heat pump work, But I dont know how well window type work in the heat mod. I hope to have a bigger work shop by next summer, our land lord said he's going to build one for me ( I'll be helping ). I'm hoping to talking him in to a 16'x20'. I'll put in insulation in the roof and walls as well as drywall. I dont have the money to put in regular heating. So the thought came to mind about using a window type heat pump. I live in VA. and the winters do get cold. So can give me any advice on this idea?

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    Danomal, I hope I can be some help on this one. If you are refering to the type of under window heat pump seen in many motel rooms then you will have one that will provide adequate heating and cooling for the space you described, but I wonder if you have looked at the total cost of this type.
    You may of course be speaking of a different type (model) of heat pump and I am not up to date on some of these. If all you are looking for is heating I might look at other options. It seems to me that you could heat your space for a lot less money than purchasing a heat pump. Did you think of posting this on the HVAC area, there are a lot of good profesionals on this forum and I have seen sone good advice.

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      I've installed a couple of $500 Sears heat pump/window AC units before...they are very skimpy on heat generation for a garage sized'd be better off with running a gas line to the old world style heater like this one...
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        I am not too familiar with heat pumps but if I can recall, they work ok in places where the temp dips down a little below comfortable outside temperatures but they don't work so well in colder temps. Make sure you investigate what their efficiencies are for your area before you buy.

        I have a 13x23 workshop in Minnesota and am heating it with a 20,000 btu LP direct-vent heater (just put it in). It appears to be holding its own for our coldest nights so far (0 degrees) but am not sure what the recovery rate would be if the room started at cold and needed to be brought to a comfortable temperature (I cannot do that test for a couple of weeks which is when I complete my taping and paiting job in my sheetrocked shop). See my post under the "Garage Heating" thread about my Orbis heater (there is a web site to look at). I would suspect that in Virginia it would be ok. A woodburning stove would be another option but not if you want constant heat without throwing in some wood.

        But if you go for a heater as just suggested, you still probably want to get a window AC unit for the summer time. I would suspect that is why you were considering the heat pump idea. You still might be able to get a window AC unit and a separate heater for the same cost of the heat pump - you will have to determine that.