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    while shopping at my local home depot today, i came across a "dust collection" set by ridgid for about 79.00. it claimed to be enough to hook up 3 tools i believe and be used with either a dust collector or a shop vac. as i am limited by space and currently only own a table saw and jointer (both ridgid) for shop tools, i would use my shop vac. is this worth the money? is it effective? or should i just continue using my shop vac to clean up after myself?

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    I also looked at one at my local HD when I picked up my TS3612 last Thursday (unashamed gloat ). My impression was that you could probably buy the components piece meal for your particular needs for less money and not have any parts left over.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      If this is the same thing I am thinking about it is a box of orange fittings and clear tubing. I thought I wanted one and loving wife got it for me for birthday. After thinking further I elected to return it since I picked up an 1100cfm dc from my brother-in-laws shop. It looks like it would be fine for a small scale operation with a shop vac. I believe the inside diameter is pretty small (around 1.5 in)and would be ok for maybe small band saw, scroll saw, drill press, etc but probably not up to ts, router, or any larger items. Just my opinion. When I was at our local HD they had a box of the parts sitting there left over from their display and the dept manager said help your self. I got a few blast gates and fittings.