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  • Stupid question...... you may know

    Ive been revamping my shop, adding new walls , spring cleaning etc. Does anyone know how or where to get a big RIDGID banner, like they have at HD. Ive asked the guys at HD here in town about a banner they have outside (or on their displays), and they said they cannot sell or give them away when theyre done with them.....I guess they just trash them.They said it causes too many problems.Seems like they would be happy to get free advertisment
    \"practice is like farting; only you can do it yourself\' and no one can do it for you\"-sawaki kodo (zen master)

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    You could try Ridgid customer support and see if they can refer you to someone in Marketing or Merchandising. I know they have a spot here on the web where you can download clip art of their tools and logo, so they seem tuned in to the need for such things.

    If you were interested enough to spend some money for it, you could check a local printer to see if they would make you one. We have a place here, but it would cost you about $80 to $100 for a banner about 6 to 8 ft across which is pretty cheap considering that a few years ago it would be a really nasty price.

    One last option would be if you know anyone who has graphics capabiiities on their computer. Simple enough task to trace the logo into a "vector" style program like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator and then send it to a plotter. A couple of years ago, I traced a logo for one of the softball teams in the area and they blew it up enough to make a 20 ft wide stencil to paint the infield area for an anniversary special.



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      Thanks for takeing the time to respond. Ill give those things a look. Ill try a couple of emails from this site and see what comes up . Thanks again
      \"practice is like farting; only you can do it yourself\' and no one can do it for you\"-sawaki kodo (zen master)


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        I wouldn't be too optomistic. My sister works for them and i tried to get an apron for working in the shop and apparently they are not allowed to leave the store. they are burned when they are turned in and you are flogged if you lose yours. (well not that serious but it seemed close).

        On a seperate note, I do not know why it is, but I can not go to a HD without people thinking I work there. I do have a HD PRO hat i wear ( i like the pencil holders), but i quit wearing it to the store. Even then, I am usually wearing "junk clothes", ripped jeans and a crappy T shirt when I go. I usually have a craftsman tape measure with me. It never fails, i do not wear the bright orange apron (even if i were able to get one i would not wear it to the store), but it just amazes me that a ratty dressed guy with no apron, no name tag, and nothing more than a tape measure can't go to HD without being asked if i work there or where something is MINIMUM of three times. It is amazing. I know HD's customer service is not what it used to be, but come on!

        One funny story is that i was having a bad day, whatever I was working on was not going right, i was amped up, and had to fight traffic to get to the hd (4 miles from my house but they are redoing the interstate interchange on the most direct route), so no matter if i go around or ride it out, it normally takes about the same amount of time to get to the HD. So the drive that should calm me down just had me amped when i walked in the door. Could not find what I needed and after being asked if i worked there 2 or 3 times, and having to go through three of four teen age kids that had no clue ( could not find my normal guy), i was really fuming. So i have these 2 employees around me deer in the headlights look, no real service, and some one you work here? I lost it, I said NO but i can probably help you better than these two clowns! The look all three gave me was priceless. finally found my "normal" guy and he led me right to what i needed.