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Ridgid 16 Gal Wet/Dry Vac

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  • Ridgid 16 Gal Wet/Dry Vac

    What's the difference between models
    WD1665ST and WD1665 16 gal Ridgid vac's?
    They look like the same thing but Home Depot
    has the ST for $69 and the 1665 for $99.
    James F.

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    I'll have to take a look if I get over there tomorrow, but my first guess would be that the "ST" has the little "Stinger" vac included and perhaps an accessory hose kit. I think that the Stinger was included free before the first of the year. The Stinger sells separately for $26 so I'm not sure how great a deal that is unless there are some additional accessories.



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      I just bought the ST version for $69 and it has the Stinger vac and all the accesories included. The satnd alone 16 gallon vac goes for $99!?!? I asked an associate if I was missing something but apparently not Same vac but for $30 bucks less plus you get the Stinger.

      Had mine for about a week now and cleaned up a huge project that burned out my old shopvac. Only complaint is that it may be more vacuum than I need!