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    How does everyone else get power to their saws? I purchased an extension cord for a window air unit to run my old saw - didn't like stepping over it/around it all the time. Can't use the cord for this 'cause now I need 220. I hope by this week end I can make some chips and sawdust - I'm gettin' a little excited to try it out!! r


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      Originally posted by KellyC:
      ...looks like white might be a good color for the shop.....
      I am sort of an "advanced beginner". I can do some pretty good carpentry and finish trim work in a house but I haven't advanced to furniture --- yet. I *almost* had some white. I was "this close" to buying Jet's 16 speed, floor standing drill press. But I opted for my first instinct and got the new/improved Delta 16 speed. I liked a number of features on it better than the Jet's (longer stroke, better table, faster-adjusting depth stop), I got a better price on sale plus a free mortise kit and a free Delta T-Shirt!

      But I can't rule out getting a little white -- or gold -- down the road as my talents and wants grow bigger! [img]smile.gif[/img]