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Laser-Mag Torpedo Levels

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  • Laser-Mag Torpedo Levels

    Whats the difference between the 390LM and the 390LXI ? Is it the laser and which is better ?

    Also, I believe the 390LXI has both Imperial and Metric markings on it so a seperate metric version isn't available, as in the 390LM/880M. Is this true ?

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    The 390 LM required a gradient base to be purchased in order to allow the lens adaptors and slope kit to be threaded into it. Whereas the 390 LXI has that gradient base built into it allowing you to use all of the adaptors without buying an additional base. As far as the quality of laser, the LXI does have an improved laser, but was comprabable to that of the LM.

    You are correct in saying that the LXI has both the Imperial and Metric measurements so there is not a separate metric unit.

    The third difference is that the 390 LM is no longer available from the factory. So if you are buying new, the LXI is the only way to go.