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  • Home Depot pricing

    Following recommendations in this website I decided to look into Ridgid JP0610 jointer. The price on HD website was $350 but in my local store its $400. Is this common or is this just my "not so friendly" local HD store?

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    Quite a few of the bigger tools recently saw a price increase. The difference that you noted may be as simple as the Web Master hasn't been able to keep up. But that said, you can always call to see what the actual website price is and purchase it through them rather than at your local store, if it is substantially cheaper.

    There have been several comments in the past couple of weeks regarding price increases. My take on that is simply that the dollar has declined sharply against the yen and world econonomics being what it is, the results are reflected in the store. As our debt burden increases here in the U.S., I think we can expect to see further adjustments in the prices we pay.



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      Buying through the web means paying shipping. High dollar on an item this big. PRINT out the page with the price and Home depot will match it.
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        Thanks guys,
        It just seems strange that a couple of weeks ago the price was $50 lower (including the price of the TS3650) and as they started promoting 10% discount when you sign up for HD credit card number prices went up.

        I am aware of the shipping cost, for the Ridgid jointer it is $159, much more then the $50 price difference. I'll try bringing a printout to the store and see what they say.


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          I doubt if the recent increase in price on some of the Ridgid tools and the 10% new credit card promo have anything at all to do with each other. HD has tons of other merchandise they also want you to buy besides Ridgid tools and this merchandise also would qualify for the 10% discount. I haven't noticed any across the board increases happening at the HD I visit so I'm guessing that the two are just a coincidence.
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            Hey guys,
            haven't posted here in a while. I was in HD the other night and saw price increases too on most of the larger Ridgid...The TS3650 was $597 and used to be $569. The JP0610 was $349 now $400, Band Saw was $349 now $400, TP1300 was $349 now $400 and the 12" Compound Miter Saw(not the fancy sliding model was $269 now $289. I am glad I bought all my tools just before prices went up. The guy at HD said he had been catching all kinds of hell since the prices went up. On one hand, you get a warm fuzzy watching the value of tools you bought for less go up in price but it sux for the folks just getting around to buying them. I have been using all my Ridgid Tools for about 5 months now with now complaints and very happy with them all.


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              Yes badgerdave, you’re probably right, I guess I'm just frustrated. You do your research, checking features reviews & prices and when you’re ready to buy the price is changed. Well that’s life.

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