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Smoke Detector in workshop?

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  • Smoke Detector in workshop?

    I am remodeling an outbuilding into a workshop including full rewiring for my power tools. Was wondering if I should wire in a smoke detector. Will I get false alarms? I hear a heat detector might be the way to go. The other concern I have is that my building is about 100 feet away from my house. I am wondering if I will hear if an alarm goes off. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    In my home I have smoke detectors in every room. If one goes off they all sound. Not knowing exactly how they are wired I would think they are in some sort of wiring series. I would think there should be a way to hook one up in your shop and one in your house. The hookup would serve a duel role. If you are in the shop and something happens in the house you would also be alerted and visa-vera. I would check with an electrician, a fire detection or a home security business. They should be able to give you advise.


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      A smoke detctor will get dust in the sensing chamber, either giving you false alarms or possibley no alarm. The smoke will need to be cleaned, use a vacuum or air in a can to clean the dust. A heat detector will not be as affected by dust. You may want to consider one or more of each. You can use a smoke w/the ability to interconnect multiple smokes. This would allow you to receive a signal in the house. I assume you are doing this remodel w/a permit? If so, you may want to contact the building official for his opinion.

      Douglas Hicks
      General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc