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Where did RIDGID go wrong?

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  • Where did RIDGID go wrong?

    I am not a professional woodworker by anyone's imagination. I am still just getting into some aspects of woodworking.

    With that in mind, I did my homework and purchased the BS14000, DP15002, and EB4424 when they were going on clearance to make room for the new RIDGID tools (OWT). Based on a lot of the posts here and elsewhere I saw RIDGID tools as being a sound investment due to the warranty and when the sales started I sucked it up and bought what I could.

    In the beginning things were great. Assembling the BS14000 I discovered two of the nuts used to hold the foot pegs on were incorrectly sized. Called RIDGID and all I was asked was the part number, how many I needed, and my mailing address. Parts were on my doorstep three days later. Called again when the drill press had a bad vibration and was connected with a tech guy who talked me through diagnosis and resolution within 15 minutes. I was impressed! ! ! ! Customer service like that made me brag to others what a good purchase RIDGID was!

    Fast-forward to present. Called because the EB4424 spindle shaft was getting "stuck" to the spindle on the belt sander whenever I tried to remove it. Initial operator instantly put me on hold where I waited for almost 10 minutes before another person answered and asked who I was holding for. After repeating the question I was put on hold for another 10 minutes (my phone has a call timer). Then talked to a person in parts. After telling her my problem and that I think I was mis-directed, she agreed and placed me in hold again. After three minutes I talked to the lady I started with.

    I finally got to someone who seemed to know what they were doing. That conversation lasted only five minutes and there was no offer of a solution other than "we've seen that on the sander before."

    Before OWT - Excellent service, less than five minutes resolved all problems.

    After OWT - 74 minutes and no resolution or even suggestion.

    Where did RIDGID go wrong?

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    My story with the Ridgid Service and Warranty is much the same. I could have praised Ridgid to the moon and back for the service I received, prior to this years earlier move to what ever generic, uncaring service center is handling it now.

    Basically, Ridgid doesn't make the stuff, someone else does. They don't handle warranty or service. Someone else does. Do they care? No. They get paid to manufacture, Ridgid collects on sales. Where does that leave us?

    Holding the bag full of dispossable "Professional Grade" tools and machines that no one gives a crap about after collecting from the sale.
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      Replacement of defective equipment with a less than 5 minute call to Ridgid in 3 days or less on several occasions at no cost to me, not even postage.

      Easy to find and order accessories on several occasions, delivery within 4 days.

      No response on stripped handles on mortise attachment for the drill press.

      Band saw problems refered to a service center that will not return my calls, for over 2 months. Answering machine states they are too busy to answer the phone, 3 weeks backlog. Will call when your next in line.

      Negitive posts on this forums brings a moderator to my email. Promises a motor, but none available. For a model that's been around a few years? Promises a date. Another 6 weeks after promise date, no motor, no corrispondance.

      Band saw has other promblems, all of which are posted by other Ridgid Band Saw owners on this forum.

      Received Email from Gay Gatz of Ridgid today. Want's info to send me a motor. I prefer a full refund of the band saw, riser block and fence to a motor. I'll take the motor, and sell band saw and accessories cheap. Replace it with a Grizzly G0555.

      Zero trust in Ridgid at this point. I just hope I can get blades for the jointer and planer when needed. And sleeves for the sander, odd ball size no one else carries. And any parts that ware out on the machines that do perform well in the future. That's the biggest concern. Most of the machines are excellent, but availability of parts in the future are a HUGE concern of mine.
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        Woody, I've got bad news for you. Service is bad everywhere.


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          Maybe so, but hardly acceptable considering documentation in my printed manuals.
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            I think your posts were completly appropriate. With an unresponsive Customer Service Dept. what other choice did you have? My hope is that it would have also made those in charge at Ridgid aware of some serious problems, but the Jury is still out on that.

            Would love to hear a review of your G0555 when you get it. Post it on Woodnet. I trying to decide between it and the new Jet Deluxe 14" which has 4" dust port, carter style bearings, quick tensioner, and 1-1/4 HP. No fence though and riser kit is more expensive than G0555.


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              True only to the extent that most associates at HD don't know squat about what they are selling. I was lucky to hook up with one who did.

              Where they went wrong is in marketing. The public did not get enough exposure to the product line, thus, sales were not as expected. The Ridgid demonstrations occured during times when most of the clientel were not available to be at home depot. I took 1/2 a day off work to be there prior to my purchase.

              Not knowing the full details, I'd say it's Ridgid's own fault for not promoting their product line. Forcing them into the situation we are faced with now with products produced by hired manufactures, and generic customer service.
              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                This is such a sad situation, for all people reading this stuff will definitely reconsider their next ridgid purchase. I am closely watching my tools before the 90 day refund is up.


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                  I hope that you are wrong! I started this subject to try to wake up RIDGID's Customer Support. I have been very happy with my RIDGID tools. I have the DP15002, BS14001 and EB4424. I have enjoyed each tool and been pleased with the price / performance ratio.

                  My concern lies with what will happen if I do have a major problem like WOODY. As I said in my initial post, I experienced both pre and post TTI Customer Service and was disappointed with the post TTI experience. I am only hoping that enough people at RIDGID who can influence how things are done will see many of us pointing out a glaring problem to them. They don't use the Customer Service Department like we do. Without feedback from us, the RIDGID owners, Customer Service cannot be evaluated.

                  I am not trying to convince someone not to purchase RIDGID. I have read many posts from those who have and are trying to convince people not to buy RIDGID and that is their own decision based on their own experiences with RIDGID. I can only speak for myself, I have been satisfied with my purchases. . . at the moment. The jury is still out on how the warranty service plays out. I'm just hoping that my posts, and the many others along the same lines, have some influence in helping RIDGID correct their problems.


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                    This post was edited due to the deletion of the post it refered to.

                    I so do wish Ridgid would return to handling their own customer service in the maner in which they use to. The Ridgid Tool World and their owners would be once again on top of the world!

                    [ 12-01-2003, 10:33 PM: Message edited by: UO_Woody ]
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                      Find Trolls everywhere.
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                        I had good customer service with Delta. They had an engineer walk me through setup on my bandsaw. He said I would get a call within the hour and he did. Also, I purchased a powermatic adn I have not had to use them, but I have read nothing but good things about their service.