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  • RidgidForum Upgrade

    Here at Ridge Tool we have been working on a plan to increase our interactions with you on the forum. Along with the upgraded participation on our part we would also like to upgrade the forum itself. Our current forum software has served us well for the last 5 years. Its now time to start looking into upgrading to another software package with more features. Rest assured... we will move all the posts and all members safely over to the new forum software when we upgrade.

    I would like you guys to look at this software as an upgrade option. vBulletin is very popular and has a similar feel to the forum software we are using now. it would allow us a lot more features as well as some speed improvements.

    heres a list of the features, and a link to an example.


    * Thread display options - sort by, sort order, from date
    * Thread and forum subscription (notification by email optional)
    * Thread preview on mouse-over (optional, via Admin CP)
    * Active Users viewing thread shown
    * New Post Indicator
    * Printer Friendly versions on threads
    * Admin tools for Threads - edit/delete/move/lock/Make sticky/ etc
    * Email page to a friend option
    * Similar Threads displayed on all thread views


    * Linear, Threaded, Hybrid display views available
    * Supports BB Code in posts
    * Supports HTML in post
    * Smilies
    * Avatars
    * Optional WYSIWYG or standard editors for posts and Private Messages
    * Attachment images (.gif,.jpg, etc) are no longer in the database (optional, via Admin CP)
    * Quick reply box (with optional "forced" click on post to quote)
    * Preview post option
    * Post rating
    * User reputation
    * Polls
    * Post Reporting - report posts to moderators
    * User post count
    * Admin tools for Posts - edit/delete/move/ etc
    * Preview safe attachments


    * Member List
    * Member Search
    * User Style picker
    * Private Messaging
    * Buddy list
    * Member Birthdays shown on Forum home

    Calendar Features

    * Supports multiple private and public calendars
    * Viewable public and private events (adminCP option)
    * Weekly, monthly and yearly views
    * Jump to Today option
    * Add single, ranged or recurring events
    * Add all day events
    * Option to show calendar event on forum home page (adminCP option)
    * Show events to specific usergroups (adminCP option)
    * Calendar Moderation
    * Private events reminder
    * Ability to add custom fields


    * Who's online
    * Search

    Heres a link to an example of the forum.

    vBulletin Support Forums



    [ 11-16-2005, 03:23 PM: Message edited by: Josh ]

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    Looks an awful lot like SawMill Creek.

    A feature I would like to see in any upgrade would be some kind of indicator in the response that would identify who a response is directed too. Something like a "reply to" prompt in the OPs' original post and also in all of the following posts. The second post and all sebsequent posts in a thread would have a place indicating who the response is directed at.
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      I like phpBB best.



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        In as much as I am not a computer guru and know little about all of the acronynms its always nice to see that you guys are not resting on your laurels.

        It will be interesting to see and use your new forum. Hopefully with all of the new features it will still be as user friendly as it has been.

        Will it be introduced soon? And will Ridgid still allow for honest criticizm and frank discussions of issues important to tool users and their trades?
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          I should amend my earlier comment and add on to it. I think whatever forum software is chosen, I'd like to see it have a good, easy-to-use search option. Other than that it's all the same to me [img]smile.gif[/img]



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            Badger Dave,

            Honestly hadn't ever visited Sawmill Creek forums before. Just visited their site and your right its the same software (Powered by vBulletin Version 3.5.0). We would obviously customize it to have the ridgid feel and look but it would have the same functionality. It appears they just took the base graphics that shipped with the software. Whats your experience with that forum in comparison to ours (software comparison not community) like / dislike?


            You dont have to worry about us changing the way we moderate the boards. We will still allow criticism and frank discussions. We could go through the forum and clean up every post that has anything slightly negative to say about us but I feel that that would make the forum a rather worthless community both to you and to us. We love hearing that we are doing our job well at that you enjoy using our tools but we are also listening when you have issues with them.

            To this point we have never removed a negative opinion from these forums unless it was a negative opinion that went to far about a fellow member (harrasment) We plan to stick to our current moderation style.

            I believe that the new software (if we go with Vbulletin) would be just as easy to use as this forum while at the same time allowing some cool new features and the ability to grow the forum in the future. We are still very much at the stage where we are willing to look at other forum software as well. I would hope in the next few months we would get the new forum up. I just need to steal a little time away from some of the other things I am trying to work on here.

            Keep the input comming! Thanks for the responses.


            [ 11-17-2005, 10:47 AM: Message edited by: Josh ]


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              please please for us bad spellers please put in a spell check so i dont feel like a dummy with every post that i write
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                Of the forums I visit I think vBulletin is among the best. takes a little getting used to, but it is feature rich.
                Thanks for having this forum and doing the 'upgrade'.
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                  cant wait to look at it..


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                    While you are taking suggestions for the new Forum I would like to reccomend an Electrical Forum up by the HVAC Forum.

                    Also an occasional contest for tools and accessories would be nice. And if you would like to send a nice new 300 or 535 my way for making such great suggestions I would be happy to accept.
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                      Josh, the Vbulliten looks good to me. Oldslowchevy, it'll take more than good spelling for us not to look at you like a dummy. LMAO
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                        i'll second that chevy. a spell check would be great for us old school students. my wife is tired of proofing my posts. plus she falls asleep much earlier than i do.

                        plumber, you're right. too much computer lingo and it will make for a slow time. still trying to adjust to the NO CAPS. now if i can only work with the shift key.



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                          Rick, If I havn't already, I want to say thanks for switching to standard case typing. It makes it far easier for an old four eyed goat like myself to read what is written.
                          Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                            Alright.... vBulletin it is. It does have Spellchecking by the way. I need it just as bad as anyone on here I am shooting for next week on the migration. We are working on getting ahold of the software and it should be up by the end of the year. It should be pretty obvious when we upgrade so i dont really need to tell you when it happens.

                            Just letting you know its on its way.



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                              What will happen as far as logging in when we transition to the new software? Will we need to re-register or anything else?

                              Not that it matters to me but will we still have the member numbers, profile information and settings, etc. we do now, or have to set all that up again.

                              If you can just copy everyone's info from UBB to vBulletin, that would be easiest on us users, but more headaches for you I am sure.