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Deceptive marketing

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  • Deceptive marketing

    The Professional power tool page shows A rebate when you buy a 4 or 3 piece kit.

    Last week I went to home Depot and bought the 4 piece kit on sale figureing I would get the jigsaw and a spare battery.

    Well I went to fill out the rebate form and it is not good until December 30th. I have NEVER seen an other manufacturer display a Rebate that it this point is NO good. You go out and buy the tools and use them to find out that your purchace date is NO GOOD


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    You didn't mention the product or manufacturer, was it Ridgid or some other company?

    I would return the tool and make the purchase within the rebate period if it still works out for you to get the best price. Home Depot is a bit strange all too often. Last year I bought a Ryobi Bandsaw during they're 20% off Christmas sale. At the same time I bought the BS901 here in NY State, they were selling the newer and better BS902 out in the west coast stores. It didn't arrive here until January. I took back my BS901 and wanted to trade up to the "902", but they wouldn't let me. So I returned the 901, was refunded, and then bought the "902" at the now, non-sale higher price. Three months later they dropped the "902" price back down to the $87! I wasn't happy, but then "let the buyer beware!"



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      It Was the RIGID 4 piece kit Drill, Flashlight, Reciprocating saw, and Circular saw.

      Just click the Professional Power tools link on the RIGID Pages. On the MAIN professional power tools page there is a rebate, It has been there for at least 2 weeks, But it does not start until DEC 30th

      I bought the 4 Piece RIGID When it was on sale 20 percent off last week. Used the tools and the rebate is NO good.

      I bought the 4 piece kit instead of the 3 with the anticipation of getting an extra battery AND jigsaw. Now it is too late to go back and get the 3 piece kit for 20%off and the coupon is no good.

      I just with I knew the rebat was not good befor I bought the kit I would have bought the 3 piece kit.

      It is like putting ads in the paper for stuff that doesnt go on sale until 2 weeks from now.


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        Go back to the store where you purchased the kit and get one of the special offer forms there. I grabbed one when I made my purchase at Home Depot, and the details say "...October 1, 2004 through December 31, 2004." I saw the pdf you mentioned and it is identical to the one at the store except for the dates. They must be getting ready for another special offer.