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  • unbelieveable price....

    Milwaukee came out with a set of pathfinder bits a few years back. for those of you that dont know they are basically a forstner bit with a very thin shank allowing you to cut curved holes in studs and such. nice set. anyway they are quite pricey. that is why i was holding off. harbor freight believe it or not sells a three piece set for 9.99

    a bargain at twice the price

    if this link is no good go to www.harborfreightcom and type in item number 91087-2VGA. milwaukee's part number is 49-22-8001

    i dont do a lot of business with harbor freight but i had to pick up a set of these at this price.

    just wanted to make fellow woodworkers on the board aware of what in my opinion is a great buy from a company i am sure a lot of us dont frequent.


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    SpaceBlueSonoma mentioned Harbor Freight, and I have to chime in with my personal endorsement of this company... with reservations.

    The first thing one should realize about HF is that eventually everything goes on sale... so to pay full-price in that store can be very unwise, unless you have a real reason to have something TODAY. Their sale prices can be significant and are therefore worth waiting for.... I have saved more than $200 on thier 9x20 metal working lathe for example. If something you need is not on sale, just bide your time... within 3 months chances are good it will be.

    The second thing one should realize about HF is that for the price, many things are worth taking a chance on. At a 50% off sale, I paid $1.99 for a very complete set of needle files... I worried that they would be inferior quality but they worked out just fine... so should I go to Sears and pay over $20 for the same set... No Way! I also purchased their large set of forstner bits on sale at half-price, imported from China of course. I have never been happier. My projects involve red oak and they cut through it cleanly like it was butter... no burning, no problems. However, would I buy a set of Chinese sockets? Nope... Craftsman all the way.... head and shoulders above all others out there for the money and lifetime guarantee. A person has to be selective at HF... and realize that there are not many ways to screw up a hammer or an anvil, so such purchases make Harbor Freight the only choice to make.

    As for Power Equipment, I am gaining respect for Harbor Freight stuff... again with reservations -- you need to evaluate tools on a case-by-case basis. I needed a 14" bandsaw, so I checked out Harbor Freight's 14" saw... which had 4-speeds, no less. It doesn't take a genious to discover the identical castings and designs used by many other 'American' companies, so I concluded that often times what we end up taking home are imported Chinese products no matter what the color scheme or labels seems to imply. I purchased the 14" 4-speed bandsaw at $199 (on sale for a hundred bucks off) and have never been happier. It was expertly packed, all the parts were there, the assembly was simple and the quality is first-rate -- I've had it for 2 years now and when I turn it on it is so quiet without the least vibration. The best $200 I ever spent! My only gripe is that is painted an ugly "John Deere" shade of green... but I forgive it with every beautiful cut I make. But would I buy their table saw... no. They look like crap and the fences are even worse. (I own the TS3650 and absolutely love it.) On the other hand, their disk/belt sanders and jointer look great... but their miter saws look chinsey... one has to scrutinize. In general however, let me tell you that I would consider HF long before I would ever stoop to buying a Craftsman power anything.... craftsman let me down big-time with their crappy little table saw years ago, and I have never forgiven them for stealing my money that way when I was naiive and just starting out as a do-it-yourselfer.

    I also purchased HF's baby drill-press on sale for $40 (half-price)... and it runs smoothly and quietly and is positioned on my bench right where I sit so I can now work without having to move to the other side of my shop when I need to make a quick accuratey-drilled hole. I love it. I compared the two models and I would have paid $80 for the same basic machine at Sears.

    If you do run into problems, HF does back up their warrantee. As I mentioned, I purchased their 9x20 metalworking lathe... after getting the 300 pound machine downstairs into my basement shop, I discovered it had so many issues that I had to return it -- it was horribly defective at the casting level. After 20 excruciating minutes and several threats of divorce court, my wife and I managed to wrestle the 300 pound machine back up the stairs and into our van. My local HF store exchanged the lathe for another with no questions asked, and this lathe (tested fully in my garage before the descent into my basement) has been wonderful. I paid $599, saving $200 on sale. Grizzly sells the identical lathe for $799 plus $75 shipping, Enco sells the identical item for $899 excluding shipping, and Jet charges $1099 for the same identical lathe... excluding shipping. (If fairness, the other vendors include a 4-jaw chuck and HF does not, but that's a $50 add-on item later... no big deal.)

    To sum this up... unless $$$ is not an issue, you'd be unwise not to consider Harbor Freight if you live near a local store... Often it's worth taking a chance for the money you spend and if you don't like it you can take it back for refund or replacement... even if it's a small metalworking lathe.


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      i mentioned harbor freight for this specific item. They do sell brand name stuff, milwaukee, makita, etc on occasion but for the most part, in my opinion the majority of their stuff is junk!
      not impressed with ANY of their machinery. Put a post out here asking about their pittsburg clamps, and as i figured, they are prone to slipping.

      there have been discussions on this board about harbor freight before. you can get some quality stuff there, these milwaukee bits for example at an AWESOME price! dont frequent them, but will pick up some name brand items at times at unbeatable prices!


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        Hey, suit yourself. Meanwhile my Harbor Freight Bandsaw is great in every conceivable aspect and is built like a tank. Zero regrets. I walk through Sears, Home Depot, Loews and WoodCraft smirking as I pass the bandsaws. The amount of money I spent at Harbor Freight would buy nothing from Woodcraft and only crap from the other stores.



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          Originally posted by spacebluesonoma:
          Put a post out here asking about their pittsburg clamps, and as i figured, they are prone to slipping.
          Spacebluesonoma, did you read the responses to your post concerning the Pittsburg bar clamps? Out of the 5 responses you received, 3 were responses that only talked about Jorgy clamps, my response stating that I was satisfied with the Pittsburgh clamps and Papadan's response stating that he didn't like the Pittsburgh clamps. That comes out to 1 vote for and 1 vote against, which doesn't even come close to substantiating your claim that they are prone to slipping.
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            I have about a dozen Pittsburgh bar clamps and never experienced any slipping.


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              fair enough. i just cant imagine anything not brand name from harbor freight worth anything. maybe i have a lot to learn on this subject


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                I've got about a dozen Pittsburg clamps too, and have been pretty happy with slipping issues. One was bent out of the box and I exchanged it....for $2-$4 each, I'm extremely pleased with the value. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                  I have the Central Machinery 10" sliding compound miter saw that HF sells. $99 and free shipping if you are not near a store. This saw is not accurate enough for fine woodworking but I use it for general carpentry, deck building and it is fantastic. Some of their products are junk,but some are real good. I am an industrial mechanic by trade and I use deepwell impact sockets from HF that were $19.99 set and have never broken one. It is possible that the bar clamps I bought were just from a bad batch, I can just say that I am not happy with them and pitched them out this morning when cleaning my shop.
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                    i used to live near the main store in camirillo ca and would frequent it. they seemed to have a lot of tent sales. must be the nice weather. anyway, the only thing i have ever bought from them, with the exception of a cargo net for my pick up, was brand name stuff. i have a friend that lived out that way and he had a bunch of their bar clamps. i needed a few extra so i went down to see if they were being used. they werent and i was welcome to use them. 4 36", 2 of the 4 i could not tighten....they slipped. this was a few years back which is why i posted the question to see if they got any better. i stayed away because i did not want to have to do the warranty by mail issue, but one just opened up in NW indiana so maybe i will give her a try. what i usually do is check the menards paper. they seem to have jorgensens on sale every other week. take the ad over to the home depot where they match it plus 10% and end up getting jorgensens for right about the price i would pay for pittsburgh clamps. maybe a buck or so more. but you cant beat that!
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