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    Stopped in Home Depot today for some hardware and things. Passed by the tools, as usual, and noticed they finally had the new Ryobi router in stock.
    So I bought it like I said I would. Finishing up the cabinet I'm working on tonight I put a roundover bit in it to try it out on the cabinet top.
    It's a 2hp vs plunge, 1/2" 3 slit collet w/ 1/4" insert . Fairly easy bit changes with a spindle lock. Not sure I like the lock system though. They drilled a whole completely through the shaft for a pin to slide into only about 1/4". The whole took about 1/2 the shaft away, making what I would think would be a very weak spot in the shaft! And the pin is behind the shield. The top isn't flat so you have to lay it on the side to change bits, with shield down to get at the collet with the wrench. Doesn't leave alot of room to get at the pin.
    It's a slow start...and it does start slooooooooow. Takes more than the average to get wound out. 15,000 to 23,000 rpm's is what it's listed at, so slow isn't really all that slow. I'd say my PC 1 3/4 hp is more powerful. The dust shield is yellow tinted and didn't care for that. And it deflected the dust up at my face instead of off to the sides.
    Very compfortable grips and easy to manipulate while using. The on/off switch is nicely located. The speed controll is on the side of the upper case and looks straight at you, but is a bit to cumbersome to manipulate in a hurry.
    Though it did come with a wrench for the collet, I needed 2-9/16" wrenchs to adjust the depth stop. And the nut was hardly big enough to stop from going through the stop, so I had to add a washer between the stop and nut. It didn't come with a fence, but did have a mount for one. It did come with 2 screws for mounting in a table plate.
    For 99 bucks it's a nice first router for someone learning, or an extra to have on hand to save bit changes in multi tasking. I'm going to keep it for the pure fact I want to put it through the mill. If it lasts out the 2 year warrenty I'll be happy for 99 bucks. I'll have to look into what a fence costs for it, or if something I got laying around will fit it. I'll consider waring plate mail chest in fear of that shaft breaking!
    I would not recommend this for your main router!
    Got a couple photo's of it and as soon as they add more space to my site I'll get it on there in action in the RAS #2 Cabinet pictorial.

    Forgot to mention, it does have a very nice length of cord, 10' which makes it nice to get around without the use of an extension cord.

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    After cutting about 16 feet of 23/32", 1/4" deep dado's tonight, the thing burned up. Failed to start turning, just hummed. It may have been defective from day one because the slow start was too slow in my opinion, and had a vibration till it wound out.
    I'll take it back tomarrow and get a replacement. If a 2nd burns out, it's got total thumbs down.
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      Home Depot replaced the router, and I ran close to 100 feet of 1/4" deep 23/32" dado's. The replacement still purring good. Looks like the first one was just defective.
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